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I focus on used furniture. I find it usually has a better story attached, which in turn makes for a good ice breaker. I also read or heard a story at least three times as a kid of yet another kid that had taken a regular desk and chopped off the legs. So I decided coffee tables worked great for desks.

When it comes to hardware I'm mainly about gpu on a desktop and battery life on a laptop. I keep my work and play laptops separate. It helps keep me focused. I have a soft spot for accessories, special eds, and betas. People comment on accessories, special eds, and betas.

I have 6 security tokens. My advice is talk to your bank and get a security token. It takes a half an hour on the phone and it reduces your exposure to risk by about 2 orders of magnitude.

For software I'm pretty spartan. I run with about 5 apps at most. I wipe my hard drive about once every 2-3 months. It's kind of a nomadic feel. It's occupational.

Chenbro 4u rackmount case
Visiontek radeon hd 6870 2 teraflops
Intel Q8300
2 ViewSonic VA2231WM 22inch 1080p
1 ViewSonic VX1962WM 19inch 720p

two hp elitebook 8440p's to work
hp mini 311 netbook to play wow
nokia lumia 900 to talk on and take pictures^

APC Back-ups XS 1500
Soekris net 4801 router with monowall w/o wifi
Netgear 8 port gigabit switch

Razer orochi bluetooth mouse
Microsoft touch cheuk
Microsoft arc touch dragon
Microsoft arc keyboard
Eikon solo fingerprint reader
6 Security tokens
Fitbit ultra

Coffee table I found at a garage sale
Gamer rocking chair
20 year old lucky mouse pad

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My Workspace