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I've got two main machines, OK, three. My desktop is my "Ultimate Desktop" as a Jedi must build his own light saber, right? http://www.hanselman.com/blog/UltimateDeveloperPC20Part3UPDATEOnBuildingAWEI79AndRFCForBuildingAGOMGodsOwnMachine.aspx

It's a custom build and is all memory and SSDs and it's just stupid-fast. It's got three monitors (4 if you count the HDTV off screen for NetFlix) with a 30" in the middle and two 24"s on the side. I only get Dell monitors - I love them.

My chair is a Herman Miller Aeron that I got many years ago (maybe 10 or 15?) and have used since. You should always spend money on chairs. http://www.hanselman.com/blog/BrainBytesBackBunsTheProgrammersPriorities.aspx

The desk is a random steel and glass but I have a standing desk with a motor to the side of my main desk in case I want to mix it up.

My traveling laptop is a loaded Lenovo W520 (16 gigs of RAM and two SSDs) and my Mac is a MacBook Pro 15". Everything I have is SSDs, even my external drives. There are few things in your computing life that can change everything like an SSD. For the price of a coffee a day you can get more speed with an SSD than you can with the caffeine. Stop drinking coffee and buy SSDs instead.

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Stop drinking coffee and buy SSDs instead.
Love that! :)

over 1 year ago ·