Best Application Performance Monitoring software in 2020

Scout APM


88/100 based on 5 reviews

Scout APM is an APM platform designed to be intuitive and fast for users. It enables the ability to track database queries, memory deficiencies & bloat, output inconsistencies and much more. Also emphasizing ease of use, Scout has seen an uptick in use over the past months as it has gained more and more traction thanks to its easy implementation, strong performance, and general platform flexibility. It supports multiple programming languages and has been expanding on its offering. Currently it supports Ruby, Python, and Elixir. You can learn more by visiting

New Relic


88/100 based on 8 reviews

New Relic presents real-time data on application performance and is well known within the APM marketplace having a product suite including multitude of tools for DevOps teams that enable better cooperation and information sharing when assessing, adjusting, and monitoring an application’s performance. New Relic is known for being incredibly detailed, highlighting everything including transaction traces, database queries, and much more. Although pricing is not low, and many would say it is on the expensive side, New Relic does offer a trial period for 14 days to test out its products before committing to purchasing.



84/100 based on 5 reviews

AppDynamics, run by Cisco, is considered one of the best Application Performance Monitoring options out there. With both on-prem and cloud based options available, it can be adopted in multiple environments to enable detailed monitoring of everything from the end-user to businesses performance. As the world becomes more and more software driven, businesses value opportunities to optimize their performance online. APM suites offer that ability in real-time, therefore it is not surprising that AppDynamics was ranked 9th overall in a “Cloud top 100” list published by Forbes in 2016. As for AppDynamics’ performance against peers in the industry, it has been recognized as the most rapidly growing APM software tool company for 6 consecutive years in terms.



80/100 based on 1 review

APM & Application Performance Monitoring software Datadog examines everything from databases and applications to servers in order to provide metrics, tools and other services that show its users a comprehensive understanding of their software infrastructure. DataDog subscribers hope to enable their development and operations folks to address infrastructure deficiencies efficiently in teams.



80/100 based on 1 review

Instana emphasizes its automation and artificial intelligence when marketing its apm to DevOps teams. Based in Chicago, Instana offers DevOps teams yet another option when considering APM tools. It has been known to focus on serving microservice architectures.



80/100 based on 6 reviews

Splunk focuses on giving people answers based on their machine data. The goal is to allow people to bypass the process of managing infrastructure. Splunk is known for giving detailed analyses of a varying gamut of information types. It is a strong log analyzer tool that seeks to make the APM world a more user friendly place. Spunk went public in 2012, and therefore has been around for a while. It falls into categories ranging from information technology to software and intelligent services. Although its primary presence is in the US, it has seen growth in the UK while maintaining a global presence in places such as Canada, India, and China.



80/100 based on 3 reviews

Raygun is based out of New Zealand and has been around for over a decade now. Raygun charges on a per trace basis, which can make appealing to potential customers looking for alternative pricing models. The software tool is still only available for .NET and .NET Core.



80/100 based on 1 review

SolarWinds provides an APM tool focused on deriving information on .NET applications, specifically on IIS. Widely used, the software dives into everything including distributed transaction tracing, trace details, response time, and more. SolarWinds provides a variety of tools targeted at people who work in software infrastructure day-in day-out. It is a publicly held company, with a multitude of products of which application performance monitoring is just one.



80/100 based on 1 review

dotMemory is run by JetBrains, which sells a variety of development tools. Focused on .NET memory, it has gained in popularity over the past few years.



70/100 based on 4 reviews

Logic monitor is built to deploy fast and grant teams greater ability compared to other APM service providers. Its dashboards are considered to be relatively accurate and easy to navigate. The combination of ease of use and ease of implementation are some of LogicMonitors strongest pros. That said, the price has been said to be a potential sticking point.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Focused on helping companies of any size create better apps, Rigor attempts to shed light on the complexities of software. Founded in 2010, it has been around for almost a full decade today in 2019.


-/100 based on 0 reviews provides top of the ELK stack features and enhancements for specific log types. It is both popular and open sourced. It is based out of Tel Aviv in Israel and was first founded in 2014.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Retrace is yet another option for developers in the market for an APM solution. With all the same toys and trinkets provided by other top of the line application performance management solutions, it is no question why it is worth looking into. Retrace is Stackify’s APM tool.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Zabbix tends to be less known when it comes to APMs, but there is no down it is a completed solution offering all the monitoring necessities. It is also an open source option for those seeking to monitor their IT performance.

ManageEngine Applications Manager


-/100 based on 0 reviews

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an integrated application and server performance monitor that helps businesses ensure high availability and optimal performance of their business-critical applications. It provides deep visibility into the performance of a diverse set of applications and infrastructure components— both within the data center and on the cloud for 130+ technologies, spanning physical, virtual and cloud environments. IT and DevOps teams in over 5000 businesses actively use Applications Manager to proactively isolate and resolve performance issues before users get affected.

Sumo Logic


-/100 based on 0 reviews

Sumo Logic offers a variety of services, including application performance monitoring among other services. It seeks to deliver abundant real-time information and feedback detailing application performance.Offerings encompass machine learning data analytics specific to security, operations, and business intelligence. It was founded in 2010 by Kumar Saurabh and Christian Beedgen. You can learn more by visiting Sumo Logic’s website.

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