Application Performance Monitoring software

Scout APM


88/100 based on 5 reviews

Scout APM is an APM platform designed to be intuitive and fast for users. It enables the ability to track database queries, memory deficiencies & bloat, output inconsistencies and much more. Also emphasizing ease of use, Scout has seen an uptick in use over the past months as it has gained more and more traction thanks to its easy implementation, strong performance, and general platform flexibility. It supports multiple programming languages and has been expanding on its offering. Currently it supports Ruby, Python, and Elixir. You can learn more by visiting

New Relic


88/100 based on 8 reviews

New Relic presents real-time data on application performance and is well known within the APM marketplace having a product suite including multitude of tools for DevOps teams that enable better cooperation and information sharing when assessing, adjusting, and monitoring an application’s performance. New Relic is known for being incredibly detailed, highlighting everything including transaction traces, database queries, and much more. Although pricing is not low, and many would say it is on the expensive side, New Relic does offer a trial period for 14 days to test out its products before committing to purchasing.



84/100 based on 5 reviews

AppDynamics, run by Cisco, is considered one of the best Application Performance Monitoring options out there. With both on-prem and cloud based options available, it can be adopted in multiple environments to enable detailed monitoring of everything from the end-user to businesses performance. As the world becomes more and more software driven, businesses value opportunities to optimize their performance online. APM suites offer that ability in real-time, therefore it is not surprising that AppDynamics was ranked 9th overall in a “Cloud top 100” list published by Forbes in 2016. As for AppDynamics’ performance against peers in the industry, it has been recognized as the most rapidly growing APM software tool company for 6 consecutive years in terms.



80/100 based on 1 review

dotMemory is run by JetBrains, which sells a variety of development tools. Focused on .NET memory, it has gained in popularity over the past few years.



80/100 based on 1 review

Instana emphasizes its automation and artificial intelligence when marketing its apm to DevOps teams. Based in Chicago, Instana offers DevOps teams yet another option when considering APM tools. It has been known to focus on serving microservice architectures.



80/100 based on 6 reviews

Splunk focuses on giving people answers based on their machine data. The goal is to allow people to bypass the process of managing infrastructure. Splunk is known for giving detailed analyses of a varying gamut of information types. It is a strong log analyzer tool that seeks to make the APM world a more user friendly place. Spunk went public in 2012, and therefore has been around for a while. It falls into categories ranging from information technology to software and intelligent services. Although its primary presence is in the US, it has seen growth in the UK while maintaining a global presence in places such as Canada, India, and China.



80/100 based on 3 reviews

Raygun is based out of New Zealand and has been around for over a decade now. Raygun charges on a per trace basis, which can make appealing to potential customers looking for alternative pricing models. The software tool is still only available for .NET and .NET Core.



80/100 based on 1 review

SolarWinds provides an APM tool focused on deriving information on .NET applications, specifically on IIS. Widely used, the software dives into everything including distributed transaction tracing, trace details, response time, and more. SolarWinds provides a variety of tools targeted at people who work in software infrastructure day-in day-out. It is a publicly held company, with a multitude of products of which application performance monitoring is just one.



80/100 based on 1 review

APM & Application Performance Monitoring software Datadog examines everything from databases and applications to servers in order to provide metrics, tools and other services that show its users a comprehensive understanding of their software infrastructure. DataDog subscribers hope to enable their development and operations folks to address infrastructure deficiencies efficiently in teams.



70/100 based on 4 reviews

Logic monitor is built to deploy fast and grant teams greater ability compared to other APM service providers. Its dashboards are considered to be relatively accurate and easy to navigate. The combination of ease of use and ease of implementation are some of LogicMonitors strongest pros. That said, the price has been said to be a potential sticking point.

Azure Application Insights


-/100 based on 0 reviews

This is a tool from Microsoft that allows you to transform your business with a modern performance monitoring tool. Azure allows you to collect and act on data that lets you maximize the performance of your system so that your applications are running as smoothly as possible. You’ll be able to proactive about identifying problems, acting within seconds to fix any problems that may have come up.

If you are already using the Microsoft web app eco system, using Azure is going to be a big hit for you. There is a ton of information to be gained by using Azure and live monitoring of app performance is definitely huge if you are looking to improve your user experience. While it offers the live monitoring, it also allows you to look back and perform custom queries and look at other historical data. For now, the outlook on Azure is extremely promising as Microsoft continues to support it.

The biggest problem with Azure comes in the user interface area. It’s not great by any means, but if you are able to withstand the learning curve you do get a lot of useful tools that can help your business.

Microsoft is an industry giant, and this platform is great for people running cloud hosting or cloud services. The support Microsoft is giving Azure is second to none at the moment.

Azure will be best used by anyone trying to monitor live performance issues with their web applications as well as analysis into deeper issues that may be caused be inefficient code or any kind of tie-ins to other programs running with your application. They do have an online database that helps you learn about the software with various online courses and videos.

Micro Focus Operations Bridge (OpsBridge)


-/100 based on 0 reviews

OpsBridge is a service-oriented monitoring solution for Hybrid IT. What OpsBridge does is monitors your entire IT environment and takes data from tools that are already running inside that environment. From there, OpsBridge is going to use automated discovery, analytics, and monitoring across many different areas of your infrastructure.

The Micro Focus Operations Bridge solution exploits Automated AIOps machine learning so that you can reduce the number of events occurring in your application. It also helps you find the root of the problem faster and helps you solve whatever problem may be occurring.

You are able to pass this information along with customizable dashboards that can show the key status indicators of your application along with some other various IT KPIs, which is helpful for seeing things that may not be so obvious when diving into the code. IT teams always have to be monitoring and adjusting their application, so OpsBridge can definitely help make that happen.

On top of all of that, OpsBridge is now easier to use and upgrade when necessary, which means that you are able to move quickly when developing applications which can help you stand out from the crowd.

Another great thing about OpsBridge is that you can bring a lot of different IT resources into one single view with many different integrations that can be used across your entire infrastructure.

Most people are using OpsBridge to monitor and analyze the health of their application so that everything continues to run smoothly. The data from the application is shown in various different reports and dashboards that are available to you as the user as well.

The machine learning that the solution uses is the key to making sure everything gets resolved as quickly as possible so that you are able to provide the best end user experience possible.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

dotTrace is a solution that allows you to detect any kind of performance bottlenecks in a mixture of .net applications. This includes things like WPF, ASP.NET, and Mono and Unity applications as well.

This allows you to check your data as far as calls execution time goes and you can get timeline data analyzing various performance issues as well to check out UI freezes, uneven workload distribution, and so much more.

dotTrace is a great tool if you need to debug your C# code that you are using on your website. It is especially helpful in the sense that it shows you the performance and how long your code is taking when you are trying to perform a specific task. This helps you make better code and solve your issues with easier methods. This analysis is fairly easy to perform and it’s convenient when running code using Visual Studio. The user interface is solid and should be intuitive for use by programmers.

There are some instances when dotTrace gets a bit complicated as far as the UI goes, when you would be able to get the same information from a screen that is a bit more simple. Beginners may struggle at times, and it might be better if the software was a bit more accessible to new developers. If you have experience, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you.

If you use C# and are developing high-performing desktop apps, this is something that you will probably want to have. dotTrace also helps you track CPU consumption and any kind of garbage collection issues that may be occurring as well.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Retrace is yet another option for developers in the market for an APM solution. With all the same toys and trinkets provided by other top of the line application performance management solutions, it is no question why it is worth looking into. Retrace is Stackify’s APM tool.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Focused on helping companies of any size create better apps, Rigor attempts to shed light on the complexities of software. Founded in 2010, it has been around for almost a full decade today in 2019.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Dynatrace is one of the leading tools that offers software intelligence that makes cloud complexity easier and allows for a faster digital transformation. Dynatrace offers one of the best AI programs around – and keeps everything automated so that you do less and the Dynatrace solution does more. This all-in-one platform helps you get answers instead of raw data so you can understand the performance of your applications better. This includes the infrastructure that keeps everything moving as well as the user’s experience when using your software.

Dynatrace is one of the leaders in modern automated cloud operations, and they are a name you can certainly trust in this space. If you are trying to release the best version of your software in the quickest amount of time, you should trust Dynatrace to get the job done well. Their experience that they offer end users is one of the best in the business.

Essentially, Dynatrace has changed the game for an APM solution. It’s powered by AI and is completely automated and a full stack solution. This is one of the easiest ways to get results from your APM program because it isn’t simply going to give you readings, it helps provide the solutions itself. Dynatrace does this by analyzing every user and every transaction that your software completes and some of the world’s biggest companies use Dynatrace to help their experience moving forward.

It really stands out from its competitors in the sense that its AI engine provides real answers as opposed to results that mean nothing. Simply alerting you to a problem doesn’t help all that much if your APM can’t tell you what the problem is.

Dynatrace is quite effortless to use and helps you understand every relationship that your software has. The AI-powered solution is quite powerful and gives you real-time insights that lead you towards actionable answers.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Zabbix tends to be less known when it comes to APMs, but there is no down it is a completed solution offering all the monitoring necessities. It is also an open source option for those seeking to monitor their IT performance.

IBM DevOps Insights


-/100 based on 0 reviews

IBM is one of the most known names in computers when it comes to the technological side of things today, and their DevOps Insights program is a great solution for many different businesses.

Basically, IBM DevOps Insights is going to increase agility, make your application more reliable, and help keep you ahead of the competition.

DevOps is quite flexible in the sense that it can be used in any kind of software project out there including most platforms and purposes. However, some of the most common uses are for cloud-native and mobile applications. Many developers are using IBM DevOps to test their software so that they can find any kind of bottlenecks and get them eliminated from the environment to keep their user’s experience a positive one. You also have a great application performance monitoring tool with DevOps due to its ability to check hybrid and multicloud deployments.

One of the best things about DevOps Insights is its ability to provide comprehensive insights from continuous integration and continuous delivery tools. That is going to help increase almost everything about your applications from the control to the speed.

You can view various results and trends from different builds and deployments that you use so that you can understand how your application is changing over time. If you’re not sure about any part of your code, you should be able to analyze it and make sure that everything is up to your standards. This will also help your team’s efficiency in the long run when it comes to creating code.

Some people think that DevOps would be even better if it had the ability to move certain projects and data around with a little bit more ease.

DevOps is a nice program for a lot of businesses and it helps to establish the new services that you are going to be offering, while simplifying all of the internal documentation that you need to create by making everyone more efficient all around.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Scalyr is a solution that is proud to say that it is built by engineers. Other engineers will probably enjoy using it as well, of course. Scalyr is a log management system that works quickly so it is actually providing actionable information. Where many traditional logging tools fail, Scalyr is designed to help you build revenue by going faster than anyone else on the marketplace. It manages to keep things fairly simple, and gives a lot of power back to your team. They have many major clients and this solution looks like it is going to continue to grow.

Scalyr’s main use is going to be for logging and getting alerts about errors. It’s a quick solution that makes it easy to query data quickly and the user interface is definitely passable, especially for the cost when compared to other competitors. Integrating Scalyr should be a reasonable process and it seems to get up to speed a bit faster than most.

Some people don’t love the fact that the storage duration doesn’t seem to be long enough, however overall any of the complaints seem to be outweighed by a lot of positive comments about Scalyr as a logging solution.

Most people use Scalyr to deal with logs and errors including different search errors and some other metrics as well. It’s a nice one stop shop for this kind of information and helps teams get the answers they need from their information quickly.

The support team with Scalyr seems to be one of the best in the industry and you can tell that they work hard to provide as much information as possible as quickly as possible so that you have a nice experience when using their program.

Flowmon Platform


-/100 based on 0 reviews

If your application is experiencing performance issues, security problems, or any other similar problem – you are already aware of how important these things can be to the finances of a business.

You will experience damage to your reputation along with the dissatisfaction of customers and employees alike. However, the Flowmon Platform solution provides your IT team with a deep understand of your network behavior so that you don’t have to deal with those problematic situations.

Everything that Flowmon does it based on performance and the ability to scale, so if you are a large business you should not worry about using the Flowmon Platform. There are many companies around the world that use this software to get monitoring, analytics, and to help them optimize the performance of the entirety of their infrastructure.

Flowmon is extremely talented at being able to detect anomalies quickly and protect against a variety of cyber threats. The APM system lets you make sure your users are getting the experience you need while things like the DDoS Defender does more to help against those pesky cyber threats.

Flowmon is great because they give you the ability to control your network in the way that you need, which gives your business employees better tools to get their job done effectively. With Flowmon, it is easy to see more reliability and security right away as you view your metrics after getting the solution.

It is a solution that can be higher priced than some others, and for that reason it may not be accessible to all sizes of businesses.

Blue Triangle Real User Monitoring


-/100 based on 0 reviews

Blue Triangle is used to provide teams with a connected oversight of their marketing, performance, and analytics while constantly being vigilant to check for any security issues that may arise. With this solution, teams can also track the experience that their users are having whether they are on the web or using a mobile app. This can help them identify specific problems with performance or any kind of path issues that would start to affect the bottom-line revenue of the company.

The valuable data that Blue Triangle comes up with is then used to improve the experience that users have as well as keep users more secure when using a company’s website or mobile app. There are plenty of Fortune 500 companies that use Blue Triangle, and it’s an American company that has its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.

One of the best things about Blue Triangle is the fact that is captures data from real browsers on every interaction on your web property. This gives a ton of control over the data coming into you so that you know that you’re receiving data that matters. You can use Blue Triangle to overcome any problem areas that your website is having as well as looking at things such as conversion rate with valuable metrics that you may not be able to get without a solution like this.

Some people do not love the fact that you have to have a 3rd party tag on every page to get this data and would prefer a system that doesn’t have to rely on API calls.

However, at the end of the day Blue Triangle offers a great mixture of functionality and alerting. If you are just getting started, you should start slowly but eventually you should be able to build up and be getting tons of valuable data from this platform.

FusionReactor APM


-/100 based on 0 reviews

Fusion Reactor is an APM that has a lot of nice benefits that will make it accessible for a lot of business owners. If you have any kind of bottleneck in your code or in your database, Fusion Reactor is a great program to run to try to clear things up. If you are using a Java application, this APM can make things run faster and have an overall level of efficiency that is much better for your software.

Fusion Reactor uses a completely safe debugger that will allow you quickly find issues and should free up your programmers to write code more effectively. Not only that, but Fusion Reaction will always be looking over your app and your databases so that when an error occurs, you are going to sent the details right away. You don’t need to search repeatedly for what’s going on, you should have a pinpoint report right after the error occurs.

Another great bonus that you may want to think about if you’re looking into Fusion Reactor is that there is a free trial available through their website. It’s great to be able to try out a program like this and really see what you are getting into. There are various price points and programs available if you do want to move ahead with Fusion Reactor, but a free trial is a great way to check that out. It’s a solution that has a starting price point of as low as $19 per month, so it is a program that should be accessible to almost every level of business owner, regardless of your size or what kind of industry you are in. Obviously, if you need access to some of the more powerful features you should budget for more than that cost though.

Fusion Reactor is loaded with a ton of features that allow it to stand out from the competition to help you find bugs and get rid of those pesky errors quickly and efficiently.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Rollbar offers error and performance monitoring as well as crash reporting for fast development and a smooth app experience for all of your users. If you have multiple environments, Rollbar is still a quite effective tool and that is something that developers will want to look for.

Rollbar does a great job of integrating with a variety of programming frameworks so that any different environment you use should be supported here with this solution. Rollbar does a nice job of offering to track errors both in the frontend and the backend of the app that you are using for total support in all areas.

When it comes to the deployments section, it is very useful for a lot of developers and the design should be intuitive regardless of if you are super experienced or not.

Rollbar does have an occasional problem, you do have to use the Rollbar library any time you are looking to report errors. It would be better to see a little bit more automation in their system. The search function can be fairly difficult to use at times as well, so keep that in mind as the title is really the key for looking up anything in the program. Grouping can struggle at times, so you need to be careful to make sure that you are looking at correct information when using that part of the software.

If you’re at the stage where you need to implement error tracking with your application, Rollbar probably makes a lot of sense for your business. Rollbar is great for tracking errors, identifying what has caused errors, and to see how frequently those errors are popping up. It is possible to separate errors by what environment they are in, and you can share those errors to your development team pretty easily.

Glassbox Digital


-/100 based on 0 reviews

Glassbox asks the questions, “What if your website had a brain?”. That’s a great place to start for a lot of users who want a more intelligent experience for their users.

Glassbox specializes in giving organizations power to make sure that they can manage and make the absolute best digital experience for their customers whether they are using a website or a mobile app.

The solution uses a ton of big data along with analytics that learn from the behavior of its users to create a better experience. On top of that, you’ll also receive session replay and customer journey mapping which helps you understand exactly what your customers are seeing, doing, and thinking when they are interacting with your information.

This gives some great insight and it will help you understand what your customers are doing, but more importantly it will start to chip away at the “why” behind what your customers are doing as well.

One important area that many website and app owners are struggling to catch up on today is with regulatory compliance. While Glassbox Digital can help you in that area, they also will help you resolve any kind of customer dispute much faster and they can give you some of the best speed around when it comes to IT troubleshooting.

Glassbox Digital has grown quite quickly and now has offices around the world so you can be confident that their support staff is going to be able to assist you appropriately. If you are trying to figure out if the chat-bot you’re using has issues or whether your servers or your customer’s connection is the main problem you are facing, Glassbox Digital is a good choice as a solution to help you figure out exactly what is going on.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Checkmk is an awesome comprehensive IT monitoring system. If you have system admins, IT teams, or Dev teams that need to look at issues across the entire infrastructure, then Checkmk could be valuable for you. This will allow those teams to quickly figure out issues and act quickly so that they get resolved right away.

Checkmk has become popular because the program ensures high availability and performance for the applications that your users are logging in to every day.

As soon as you take Checkmk “out of the box”, you are going to get monitoring that provides over 1,800 checks right away. You’ll also receive log and event-based monitoring to figure out where things may be going wrong in your infrastructure. When something does go wrong, you’ll have the metrics and graphing to figure out what effect they might have had on your business. If you don’t want to be alerted for every minor issue, Checkmk has flexible notifications and automated alerts that will keep you in the loop – while keeping things hassle-free from the alerts you don’t really need.

The Checkmk solution is one that is quite scalable so larger businesses don’t need to worry that this may not be the correct product for them.

Checkmk also offers superior memory performance and optimized I/O performance so that you know that you are getting some of the best efficiency out there. You have a solution here that has fast installation as well as automation so that you should not be overwhelming when starting out with their system.


-/100 based on 0 reviews provides top of the ELK stack features and enhancements for specific log types. It is both popular and open sourced. It is based out of Tel Aviv in Israel and was first founded in 2014.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Atatus is able to provide performance monitoring for your whole application. Your team will be able to view metrics that matter and the ones that are important for you to provide reliable and fast software to your end users.

As soon as an issue occurs, you’ll be able to understand exactly what happened with Real User Monitoring from Atatus.

Your end user performance should be a lot better when you understand what kind of issues cause your slow loading and delayed experiences for them. When you are able to fix those kinds of javascript errors, your performance will go up and the health of your apps become a lot better. You can measure both frontend and backend performance with Atatus and judge satisfaction with something known as an Apdex score.

Atatus helps you keep everything running smoothly so that your users don’t even see potential issues that could have occurred.

Installation is quite easy for users, many say that it is easier than other APM solutions out there on the marketplace. Once installed, it seems to be rather intuitive to use as well. The user interface can be confusing at times, but as long as you stick with it you should be able to figure it out and Atatus has pledged to make things easier on that front.

It can be quite easy to get Atatus installed, so if you are concerned about technical difficulty then this may be the right route for you.

Google Cloud Console


-/100 based on 0 reviews

Google Cloud Console provides users with a web-based GUI that can be used to manage different Google Cloud projects or resources. You can either create new projects or work on exists projects from this interface.

This allows you to build, deploy, and scale both applications and websites using the exact same infrastructure that Google does. That’s a lot of power to be harnessed right at your fingertips.

For many people, Google Cloud Console will hit most of their requirements when developing. They also give a 1 year trial to new members which will be a welcome surprise to those who are looking for something to try out – this even gives you fairly extended access. People who are looking for tools like Wordpress will also be impressed. The dashboard includes a lot of things that can help you like functionalities and error reports all included. Google Cloud Console puts an emphasis on trying to make things easier for developers.

However, after the free trial, some users will find that the charges can be quite high over a monthly basis – especially for those who are beginners. However, it can be a path that offers a high security application to that same beginner field. It’s basically trading some cost for some convenience.

One great thing about Google Cloud Console is that it is obviously based in the cloud, letting you access it anywhere at any time. Especially in today’s society – that can be a pretty big boost.

ManageEngine Applications Manager


-/100 based on 0 reviews

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an integrated application and server performance monitor that helps businesses ensure high availability and optimal performance of their business-critical applications. It provides deep visibility into the performance of a diverse set of applications and infrastructure components— both within the data center and on the cloud for 130+ technologies, spanning physical, virtual and cloud environments. IT and DevOps teams in over 5000 businesses actively use Applications Manager to proactively isolate and resolve performance issues before users get affected.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Graylog is an awesome company that helps a lot of IT Professionals monitor businesses each year. Graylog is a log management solution that is built to open standards for analysis of a ton of machine data.

IT people love it for its scalability and the fact that it can boost end user’s experiences when it comes to things like security and compliance. These are big issues facing the tech world right now and Graylog is able to deliver on a lot of those issues. Graylog really makes things as simple as possible when it comes to data exploration, so you should keep that in mind.

One thing to remember is that Graylog integrates with other programs quite well, even if you are already using a different log management solution and that makes Graylog a very handle APM solution tool.

One of the best things about Graylog is that it is going to check over all of your servers at once as opposed to taking the time and check each server individually. It sounds rather simple but it is something that can really save you a lot of time. Any kind of cyber crime should be caught by Graylog’s analysis capabilities so it is great if you are in a sensitive area like that. It’s got a quite powerful search function and the logs table should make Graylog easy to use.

Although Graylog is easy for some to use, others may not be able to use it if they do not have a pretty solid technical understanding. It can be difficult to connect Graylog to outside collectors and very occasionally a screen will freeze when using the program.

Graylog is designed for people who need a lot of efficiency and for those who have a ton of data coming into them.

Nagios XI


-/100 based on 0 reviews

Nagios XI is one of the leaders when it comes to a solution for network or application monitoring. As you’ll soon see, Nagios XI is one of the most powerful solutions that you can find anywhere on the marketplace.

Nagios XI does a ton of things right – starting with the fact that it can integrate unlimited hosts into a single dashboard. There aren’t any kind of restrictions for trying to add network devices and when you add those network devices you will find that they can be easily dealt with from the Nagios XI interface.

It’s great to see all of these devices in one single dashboard for a lot of convenience for your team.

This APM solution has a lot of in-depth reporting that can be generated and if you are trying to find the recent status of your network you can also run additional reports. If anything happens with your devices, you are going to be alerted right away with the continuous monitoring that Nagios XI provides.

When it comes to complicated and expensive products like Nagios, it is important to be able to see some sort of trial or demo which is exactly what you can experience via the Nagios website. You can view all of their features as a demo “user” and you will get the feel of exactly what you are getting.

The only real complaint about Nagios XI is the fact that it is fairly expensive to use which will price out certain business owners depending on their needs and the industry that they might be in.

However, if you are in the industry where you have a large data center or you have a lot of network monitoring already going on, this could be a great fit for you. Smaller organizations shouldn’t bother as the cost will be too great, but the usability and reliability will definitely be there.
As a tool being used in big data centers, it’s great because of the bandwidth monitoring that it offers. It’s able to integrate easily and in a major way, able to monitor a lot of different devices at one time.



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Catchpoint is one of the leaders in trying to revolutionize application performance monitoring and making sure that your users have the best digital experience possible. They put the focus back on your company so you can provide the correct experience for your customer.

The Catchpoint platform gives you visibility into what the users’ experience actually is with cloud computing that allow you to see this from anywhere. Real-time intelligence gives you insight into your applications in real-time to detect, identify, and ultimately fix any kind of issues that are popping up with even more speed than usual.

Catchpoint uses advanced synthetic monitoring which means that anything from production to development can be looked at when it affects the user outcome. You can look at everything from websites to APIs to user workstations so that you get the best picture of the overall infrastructure and system.

The mobile networks that Catchpoint uses allows it to understand the true performance better than most other competitors. Catchpoint makes it quite easy to understand where your issues are that your customers are experiencing so that you can fix things easier than trying to manually go through and figure things out. They also offer the ability to go into deep dives that help you pinpoint the actual root causes so that you don’t have to repeatedly fix the same issues.

You should be aware of the payment system that Catchpoint uses as it isn’t necessarily as straightforward as some other competitors. Using a free trial is a great way to figure out if Catchpoint is going to be a solution that works for your specific business or not.

While your website is going to run on complicated infrastructure, Catchpoint should be able to fill in some gaps and catch a lot of performance issues that come up with your software.

Microsoft System Center


-/100 based on 0 reviews

The Microsoft System Center program is designed to help you make everything easier when it comes to the software in your business. It’s designed to be a solutions capabilities expert and help your business move along smoothly.

One of the most important things you can realize about your IT infrastructure is that it is less about how your company’s firewall acts and more about the data and applications that are being used. If you do not have the right technology or tools to navigate this dangerous territory, you are going to lose a lot of money and time by trying to chase your problems.

This is what System Center tries to do for customers. Microsoft System Center is a simplified data center experience that allows you to stay in control at all times. One of the best things about this is that you do not even have to be on location to make this happen, now you can be in the cloud or using different platforms and still in control when using Microsoft System Center.

One thing to note is that you will be working closely with Microsoft obviously, so if you are already using their products, it may be a more natural fit for you while if you are not related to Microsoft at all, this may be a bit of a problem for you.

If you do decide that System Center is for you, you should be able to access a great partnership with amazing support, benefits, and incentives. They can really boost your business in a wholesale manner.

System Center lets your customers take advantage of cloud-computing in the best ways possible, and you should look into it as an APM solution.

Icinga Monitoring


-/100 based on 0 reviews

Icinga Monitoring is a program that started as a fork from the popular Nagios solution. Icinga is popular for giving you simple access to the data that matters and sends out alerts that keep you updated when it comes to any kind of performance issues with your application.

Icinga checks out your entire infrastructure to allow you to watch any host and application. The powerful engine is able to monitor entire data center or cloud solutions as well. The results are processed and stored in an easy way to manage for efficiency.

The user interface is designed to put as much relevant data in front of you as easily as possible. You also have the ability to customize the views that you get so that the things that matter to you are upfront and center. Icinga is great for organizational monitoring solutions, especially for getting alerts for simple analytics. It seems to be more simple than other software and the reporting is definitely better than other competitors on the marketplace.

While it is simple to use Icinga, the learning curve is somewhat steep. Once you’re through the curve, you should have a great time with the software – but be prepared if you’re a beginner. They’re still growing their help databases, so if you’re having a problem you may have to go it alone for awhile.

Most admins will want Icinga Monitoring to use as a centralized tracking and surveillance system. However, it isn’t the best to use for every company on a blanket basis. Overall though, Icinga is definitely worth a look depending on what you are looking to accomplish with your application performance monitoring



-/100 based on 0 reviews

Instrumental is a great solution for those who are looking to process tons of datapoints. If you have a high-scale application, Instrumental is one of the better fits out on the marketplace. The reason that Instrumental has become popular is that it uses metric-based pricing instead of basing their pricing fees off of volume or the amount of server process you have going on. That helps customers to be more flexible and get the monitoring situation that will actually fit their budget.

With Instrumental, you are getting real-time visualization along with alerts that are fairly intelligent and do not simply alert you when something “normal” is happening. They’ve got automated full-stack metric collection as well to satisfy your application performance monitoring needs.

Instrumental prides itself on being a solution that is easy to use and one that you can simply plug in new metrics to use. By using Instrumental, you should be able to do this yourself. If you need to add a new metric, it would be as simple as adding a line of code. Being able to put different metrics together based on the time window of when they happened is another great feature that Instrumental offers. You can compare metrics from now to way back in the past without much trouble at all.

Some people would prefer to be able to report their findings with a few more options than Instrumental offers. This is something that they continue to improve upon as the team continues to update their product.

Having the ability to look at different time periods to see when problems were occurring is one of the strongest features that Instrumental offers. It’s easy to group together different products and overall you should have a better picture of your app after using Instrumental.

PRTG Network Monitor


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PRTG Network Monitor helps you in real-time to give you a real-time unified infrastructure solution that helps your IT Professionals locate problems quickly and efficiently. Doing that allows your team to keep your application running before they escalate into a bigger problem that effects your end users.

One of the biggest pros about using PRTG Network Monitor is its ability to provide the admin of your business with time. It gives time back to the people who work for your IT department instead of having them constantly monitor for small problems and things that take up too much time, PRTG essentially provides you with a lot of convenience.
This is a Microsoft Windows solution, so if you are a big Apple person you may not love the framework here that allows you to update and monitor your business applications effectively.

You’ll love PRTG Network Monitor if you are trying to monitor everything that you have including different servers, hardware, and even things like routers. That goes above and beyond what a lot of different APM solutions do, so if you are looking for a comprehensive tool it would be a great idea to consider PRTG Network Monitor. It even does things like looks at the different bandwidth that your applications may be taking up.

The IT infrastructure of your business is a real issue that needs to be monitored at all times. If you have a CPU unit that is being overloaded, that can cause serious problems that turn into problems that end users can see. Even things like temperature, memory, or servers that need to restart can all cause problems in different ways. If your team is not aware of these issues, you may be troubleshooting in the wrong area or you may think something else is the problem entirely. It isn’t too hard to miss these clues, but you need to know exactly what is going on at all times. That will help you decide when you need to make new hardware purchases, and PRTG is definitely right for those occasions.



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Anodot is an AI platform that has been built specifically to monitor and analyze all of the data that comes in from your application in real time to significantly increase the performance that you receive from your app making your business more reliable all together.

Anodot is a great platform because it helps to monitor your revenue situations and brings up any potential issues as well as any opportunities that you could be missing out on in real-time. It also allows you to find incidents that could be harming your user’s experience which will actually give you better conversion rate as well as increase revenue on that end as well. At the end of the day, Anodot wants to give your users the most smooth experience that they can have and it helps you give them that experience.

Anodot works well to spot anomalies in any kind of data set that you feed to it and it will help you search out unexpected behaviors that should allow you to make your customers’ experience better and make sure they have a smooth experience. The team at Anodot has received high praise as they do great work and put in tons of time and energy to make sure that anyone has a great experience using their software. The setup shouldn’t be too complicated and all of the integrations are fairly easy to deal with.

Although Anodot works quite well, the user interface is kind of clunky at times and there are a lot of areas where they could improve for their users. If you are looking for a “set and forget” piece of software, that isn’t really the best way to use Anodot.

It can also be difficult to determine what an anomaly is when it comes to things you should care about. Sometimes it triggers events from simple things like big sale events which don’t need to be considered “alerts”, although that comes with the territory of performance monitoring.



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SignalFx is a real-time cloud monitoring platform that works for infrastructure, applications, and microservices as well. What SignalFx does is discover and compile metrics across everything in your environment which helps to replace older tools and gives you a lot more analysis in real-time that can help you with the predictive nature of your application.

SignalFx is designed to be scalable that is optimized for large cloud infrastructure so that you can be sure that it will always be working for you. Some of the biggest strengths that the program has is its ability to complete powerful visualization and keeps you on top of things from when it starts working. It’s beginning to pick up a lot of steam with different large businesses across technical and financial areas with large companies like HubSpot utilizing the technology.

SignalFx is a real-time cloud monitoring platform that works for infrastructure, applications, and microservices as well. What SignalFx does is discover and compile metrics across everything in your environment which helps to replace older tools and gives you a lot more analysis in real-time that can help you with the predictive nature of your application.

SignalFx is designed to be scalable that is optimized for large cloud infrastructure so that you can be sure that it will always be working for you. Some of the biggest strengths that the program has is its ability to complete powerful visualization and keeps you on top of things from when it starts working. It’s beginning to pick up a lot of steam with different large businesses across technical and financial areas with large companies like HubSpot utilizing the technology.

Performance testing in real environments is not an easy task, and trying to replicate your production environment is also extremely difficult. SignalFx is a great tool to use when you are trying to figure out those pesky bottlenecks in your production environment. The API they use helps to figure out your coding problems and the dashboards that SignalFx produces are generally easy to understand.

On the negative side, it isn’t always the best solution to add traces into different software, it can be a bit painful so some people don’t love that about SignalFx. It’s not necessarily the easiest program to set up for a first-time user.

SignalFx is best used to monitor and get alerts when it comes to high usage levels and to figure out where slow points are in your code. SignalFx generally saves people a lot of time in their code and in the effiency of using the product. It helps to give your development team a place to start when looking at a very complex problem.



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ThousandEyes is an awesome monitoring platform that helps you understand what digital experience your users are getting. You end up having visibility for the entire path that someone takes on your website, app, or other service and are able to make changes if you need to. Companies who rely on their customers finding them via the Internet rely on ThousandEyes to make sure that they can see exactly what their users see so that they can understand and improve on the delivery system so that everyone is as satisfied as possible when it comes to your website or app.

Because of the cloud computing systems today, businesses are able to make changes much faster than they used to, however that also means that things are getting more complicated by being served over the Internet. However, that increased dependence can cause a lot of problems, and IT teams need every tool at their disposal to try to predict and control the behavior of these complicated systems so that your users get the best experience possible. Without an excellent application performance monitoring tool like this one, you could be heading into a chaotic and unmanageable IT environment.

The approach that ThousandEyes takes is to provide as much visibility as possible – it does that by gathering and analyzing a huge volume of data from the various vantage points that it has. That allows businesses to solve extremely complicated problems in just minutes with an influx of data pointing them to the problem areas. You can also utilize ThousandEyes in the planning and testing phases, so don’t worry too much about where your business is at currently.

ThousandEyes has been growing and many of the top Fortune 500 companies use this solution to keep their business on top of everything.



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AppSignal is an awesome tool that will allow you to build and launch your apps faster. We all know that speed is hard to come by when launching an app, but it’s also one of the most important factors as well.

With AppSignal, you are able to inspect and improve the performance of the application that you are going to build and launch. Your customer’s experience will be the end result that improves because you can do things like get alerts when requests are slow and taking a long time. No one wants to have a frustrated customer because of slow response, and AppSignal helps you take care of that the right way (right away).

For those who are building and launching a Ruby on Rails application, AppSignal does a great job of being easy to add and right away it should provide a lot of meaningful metrics as far as your web requests go as well as your background jobs that are processing. As you add on to what AppSignal does, you should be able to add various custom events specific to what your app is trying to do, and it shouldn’t be too painful to make that happen. While some monitoring tools only support MRI with Ruby, it is great that AppSignal also supports JRuby as well.

Some people say that AppSignal is a lot easier to use than other APM solutions out there, and the AppSignal pricing is quite fair as well.

One benefit that AppSignal offers is the ability to start a trial to see if it is going to be a good fit for you right out of the box, from there you should have a much better idea if you want to keep using it.

Using AppSignal to monitor the overall performance of your app and to profile specific web requests to improve them is a common use of the solution. It can also help you log unexpected errors and provide stack traces as well. If there are unexpected errors after a deployment, you should be alerted to those activities as well.

Sumo Logic


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Sumo Logic offers a variety of services, including application performance monitoring among other services. It seeks to deliver abundant real-time information and feedback detailing application performance.Offerings encompass machine learning data analytics specific to security, operations, and business intelligence. It was founded in 2010 by Kumar Saurabh and Christian Beedgen. You can learn more by visiting Sumo Logic’s website.

Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager


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For those looking to find an application delivery controller, Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager should be high on your list.

If you have a modern and professional application, you probably need to be using a program like Pulse Secure. This solution helps you improve the reliability of your application as well as the uptime and the security of the program. This network traffic manager helps you even in the most demanding times that your cloud application is being used.

The great thing about Pulse Secure is that it helps you build smoother and more responsive applications that provide the end user with some of the best experiences they can have. No more problems when you are performing a critical transaction.

Even with more modern programs like virtual and cloud applications, Pulse Virtual should be able to help out with what you have.

Pulse Virtual even helps to protect against service failures which means that your customers aren’t going to see an app that doesn’t work – they are going to continue to use your product without any issues whatsoever which makes for happier people all the way around.

Sometimes, it feels like any application you use or that you have your users on can let you down. There may be applications that get overloaded or ones that have issues with security problems. If you have people who are complaining about poor performance of an application, Pulse Virtual should probably be one of the first places that you go. These are real problems that affect businesses – especially slow e-commerce applications which is one of the specialties where Pulse Virtual shines.

If you have a situation where you think your app is going to be overloaded, Pulse Virtual has great solutions. These are days like Black Friday where online applications get hammered, if your app doesn’t stand up to the test you could really get a negative reputation.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform


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OpenShift is a program that is designed to make deploying applications as easy as possible.

While the full name is quite lengthy, OpenShift is a great APM solution to use. It’s also available in the open source version OKD for those looking. The design is great and should be simple to read for most professionals. Another one of the benefits of the platform by Red Hat is the fact that it integrates so well into different applications.

It’s biggest strengths lie in its scalability and its reliability, which are two of the biggest factors that a lot of IT professionals have when they look for an APM solution.

There are some features that feel like they could be improved. The built-in editor could have some autocompletion features that would bring it up to speed with some other solutions out there in the world, however it doesn’t really affect the base use of this program.

OpenShift is a fairly intuitive solution if you are familiar with basic ideas, but you should probably review the microservices architectures and YAML syntax before trying to use the program successfully.

OpenShift is a powerful platform because you can build and deploy applications with relative ease. You’ll also have a great opportunity to work on your application code as opposed to the infrastructure of building an application because OpenShift already takes care of that for you.

Micro Focus SiteScope


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SiteScope gives you application performance monitoring that provides a few different levels of support. The solution is designed for you to be able to act quickly so if you have any problems that are bothering users, you should be able to get them sorted out quickly with easy installation and configuration that should not be too difficult either.

One great thing to note about SiteScope is that you are able to access a free trial. Some people aren’t sure if application performance monitoring will be right for their business, so a free trial helps to figure out exactly what SiteScope does or does not do when talking about the specifics of your application.

With Micro Focus SiteScope, you are going to be able to automate the APM that your business needs. Today’s systems are running on complicated cloud environments with APIs and a proper APM solution is going to monitor your performance and make sure that everything is running up to speed.

On top of that, you should be able to change thresholds as you need based on the data that SiteScope gives you to ensure that you are adapting as you need to.

There are a number of ways that SiteScope can help you right away by installing rapidly and updating and monitoring your application. SiteScope can be used regardless of what platform you are on from Oracle, to SAP, to Cisco.

If you are a company that has products from multiple vendors, you should be able to use SiteScope’s predictive analysis to predict potential problems before any users get affected.

Many users say that they are able to effectively monitor Ping tracking, database query tracking, and URL tracking through the SiteScope software.

Google Stackdriver Monitoring


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Google Stackdriver Monitoring is a program that allows your IT team to monitor various data about your applications and virtual machines that are using the Google Cloud Platform. It also works for an app on the Amazon Web Services cloud too.

Stackdriver is able to perform a lot of different functions including monitoring and tracking various diagnostic measures to make sure your applications are running at the optimal level. These metrics and metadata will allow you to help your applications run as smooth as possible by looking at the Stackdriver custom dashboard as well as various other kinds of charts or reports.

It’s a great fit if you are using Google Cloud Platform because everything will speak to each other quite easily, but it can also pull performance data from open systems like Apache or ElasticSearch.

Google Stackdriver receives a lot of compliments for the fact that it is very simple to use and the help they offer if you’re having any kind of trouble. For a relatively complex activity, Google Stackdriver tries to make things as easy as possible. One problem that some people have includes the organization as sometimes the layout isn’t as intuitive as you would hope for beginners. Once you have that knowledge, it is fairly simple though.

You should definitely make sure that you understand what is possible with Stackdriver and what you can do by learning about the platform as much as possible. For those looking to monitor the activities they are running on the Google Cloud Platform, Stackdriver is going to be one of the easiest ways to do so without to much additional trouble, helping to keep your app free from issues.



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Logrocket is an awesome tool that allows you to figure out why bugs are happening on your website. Instead of trying to guess about what is happening and spending a ton of time trying to re-create various bugs, Logrocket lets you replay what users are doing on your sites so that you can find the problem immediately.

This is a tool that should save you a ton of time as well as being quite convenient for your team. You get a full session replay that allows you to figure out what went wrong, down to the pixel. On top of that, you can see how the network responded to different actions and you’ll be able to inspect your console logs and any javascript errors that occur.

The software is even intelligent enough to describe user actions and to see moments where they are getting frustrated so that you can help solve customer issues easily and efficiently.

Some of the key benefits of Logrocket include the fact that it is very easy to install. The developers you are working with will love being able to see bugs as they are happening and get information from the customer reaction to those bugs – making it very easy to solve the problem. If you look at the session replay function, you’ll see what user actions caused problems and can even allow for fixing things on the spot for your users.

When it comes to things like network requests and browser metadata, Logrocket is able to diagnose any issues fairly easily compared to other software. Most users have been extremely happy with the service that Logrocket provides, and they even issue a free trial when starting out over on their website.

For people who work with web solutions, they know that it can be hard to figure out specific issues without diving into a bunch of code – especially when most of it is working fine. This allows your developers to figure out what actions trigger specific issues and lets you spend less time on these issues overall.

While it may seem like a complicated subject, Application Performance Monitoring, or APM, is fairly easy to understand. These tools help you to track the performance of how your software is doing and help keep you on track of any problems before they get serious.

What Is Application Performance Monitoring?

APM tools known as Application performance monitoring tools will let users become more aware of how particular software or web applications are performing. This awareness helps them problem solve and be proactive when it comes to any performance issues that their software may be having.
Tools that offer APM will provide metrics for different kinds of applications and allow you to read into the statistics to view things like how many transactions are being processed or how long each individual transaction is taking as far as response time. Once these APM tools have a baseline of how your software is performing, they are able to catch any variance and alert you to any potential problems much earlier than you would see if you were trying to monitor things manually.
Whenever an APM tool shows you metrics, they are going to be made up of data visualizations that will allow you to gain a full picture easily when it comes to the performance of your software. Administrators use these types of tools quite often to make sure that their users are having the best possible experience and to help them troubleshoot issues that may be popping up quite quickly.
APM tools will allow you to fix performance issues easily and let your users have the best experience possible when using your software. Many APM tools today add a bit of function to their programs and may offer either additional or side-by-side programs that perform like a database management or a network monitoring system.

What do APM solutions measure?

When using software, speed is key. That is one of the major components that APM solutions measure, however they can also look at bugs, crashes, or anything that may cause your end user to have a less than ideal experience. Basically, if there is anything acting in a way that it shouldn’t inside your software, APM solutions should be able to pinpoint those areas and help you troubleshoot them as soon as possible.

Why use application performance monitoring?

The biggest reason why companies use application performance monitoring is to try to be proactive about their software. You don’t want a bunch of people contacting Support telling you that something is wrong – it would be much better to have solved the problem simply before customers ever reach your Support pipeline.
  • Fix Issues easily
  • Monitoring code
  • Avoid Customer Service Issues

Purpose of APM

The true purpose of APM solutions are to keep your software at its optimal condition to serve your business. Regardless of what industry you are in, your software needs to work properly to serve your customers. It is not enough to simply react to problems, you should be proactive and use an APM solution to keep your customers having an amazing experience at all times.

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