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A quiet nook, a pair of headphones, a laptop and I'm good to go. Which is the way I like it. And an occasional espresso...


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    honestly I don't know how people do work all day without at least a second monitor. I used to have this very setup but since working off a second monitor and now an iMac I'll never go back to just hours on a 15" screen.

    although that does look cozy...

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    Awesome work space. But productivity would go up a great deal with a nice 27-30" :) http://www.jonpeddie.com/special/MultDisp.shtml

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    Seems pretty cozy.

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    So beautiful =)

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    wow it's good

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    at a glance it looks almost like its real. I had to look twice to notice it was a rendering (I think its a render anyway..)

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    @fusspawn it's not a render! A nook in Google's Singapore office.. :-)

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    Your office is more fancy than my house! damn you googlers!

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    Nice place! looks so cozy!

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    Jealousy! I'm happy for you man!

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    very nice

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    That looks sooo cool! Wish I could work at Google :-)

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    Bull. Where's your IKEA furniture?

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    Love it!

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    @kcwoodfield : So true !!!

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    Very nice )

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