Last Updated: September 19, 2016
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I use the right tool for the job. The keyboard dock means I use iPad for almost everything... except when I need Xcode or-of course-when developing Homebrew. I used to have a 24" iMac but it gave out, so I was forced to swtich to my 11" Air, which was painful at first for iPhone/Android development, but after Lion, fullscreening apps made 11" for work much more possible than I imagined (though without four finger gestures on the magic-pad I would never be able to say this). I'd use iPad for more if I could, on iPad with the right apps the 10" screen feels twice that as you swipe and touch your way through your content. With a keyboard the only restriction on what can be done with an iPad is the imagination of the app-developer.

Misc stuff. Headphones on left, puzzle under lamp, android eraser present from fiancee.

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My Workspace