Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· honzacz

My Workspace

My current "home". My master thesis is due in approx. 10 days, so I have been spending the last few weeks in front of this, frenetically writing, fixing, and doing complete refactoring despite the nearing deadline.

My hackerdesk

A 2010 13" MacBook Pro hooked up to a regular 20" Fujitsu-Siemens screen. This vertical screen layout works for me so much better than a horizontal one.

I love the full Apple USB keyboard, as it has the perfect feel for me, however, recently I switched from the Apple Mighty Mouse to the Logitech M705 one. The always-stuck ball on the Mighty Mouse was driving me crazy.

Good ol' Logitech X-230 speakers or Koss Porta Pro provide the necessary musical background for my heroic thesis efforts.

Finally, a huge tea mug, bunch of highlighters, a pencil, and a notepad with random scribblings (and doodles) complete this workspace.

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My Workspace