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Bastard Operator from Hell who Speaks Nativ Assembler code to the Chips at Direkt SPEED

Posted to Docker image creation tip over 1 year ago

Hello my frind this is not a good tip you probally don't did much with docker at present

@j3g i don't know where your point is normaly i shouldn't even respond but at all for the rest of the world what i say is right sure it is for advanced people to do own algos but its 100% saver then using a Public one. Sure it Brings nothing if your own algo is reversing the string + salt :D but no one is such silly that he would do that. And i don't need to use Own Algos if i whanted to make em public then they get useless.

I Think your a wanna be thats it but its ok every one has its place on earth you know your.

And we Respect you too becaus you show respect your welcome :D

@martinseener dont talk dude this examples using bcrypt and its save and a own one way ENCRYPTION is Always best no need to prove that ! who are you that your talking here? prove your self hack one of my algos and then come back and comment.

I am one of the best hackers on this whole planet i realy don't get the point of your comment its nice that you think you got a cloue about the facts your telling but i bet you got none so post for all of us what makes you qualifiyed to tell me whats wrong or right ???

Du bist ein Administrator aus berlin perfekt mach hier noch ein Kommentar das du ihrgend was weisst und wir machen als pro tip ein video von dir und mir wie du beweist das du nichts weist den pro tip nennen wir dan leg dich nicht mit Frank an wenn du nicht besser bist als er :D

@martinseener the best would be to use a own algo for those that are able to do so :D

@jimmykane added the php part to the end simply read and follow it its best patrice

@jimmykane ill write just for you a little php example :D

hmmm thats all totally WRONG at all i am coding at docker you can reach us @ freenode irc #docker

you simply use your boot2docker instance and build a bridged network then it would work totally simply read about bridged networking in vbox.

you should invest in that step becaus in production you will face the same situation and there you can't Port Forward via Nat without Exposing your Whole Box to each one that whants to use it ;)

Greetings from berlin

Posted to Code blocks on GitHub and coderwall over 1 year ago

LoL Realy usefull Share i Googled to find this Pro Tip LoL Amazing when i would run codewall i would invest the 30 min to implament javascript markdown interpreter for the preview :D

Hehehe i Like your Pro Tip to not use it :D I will write a pro Tip about that probally too. But will advice to code with C wrappers and not nativ C if you don't know such stuff :D. Thats one of the Points where JavaScript becomes Handy :D

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