Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· rshetty

Vim Git Diff in the Gutter

Now get the Git Diff in your vim using this new plugin.

Install it as

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://

To activate it by default add this to your vimrc file

let g:gitgutter_enabled = 1

Or manually do it as

turn off with :DisableGitGutter
turn on with :EnableGitGutter
toggle with :ToggleGitGutter.

That's it.

Happy Hacking...

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let g:gitgutter_enabled = 0 makes that you have to call EnableGitGutter to see changes.
If you want to turn on by default, you should switch 0 to 1.

over 1 year ago ·

@bartlomiejdanek : Thanks for that, Changed

over 1 year ago ·