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Horizontal scroll with mouse under Linux


Configure your Linux key binding to make Shift+Mouse wheel send an horizontal scroll event:

Install xbindkeys xautomation Edit ~/.xbindkeysrc.scm and write:

; bind shift + vertical scroll to horizontal scroll events
(xbindkey '(shift "b:4") "xte 'mouseclick 6'")
(xbindkey '(shift "b:5") "xte 'mouseclick 7'")

Run xbindkeys

Kudos to gfxmonk for http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1175192/where-do-i-start-making-a-linux-input-hack


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    Also, for Firefox 17+, open about:config and set:

    • general.autoScroll = true
    • mousewheel.with_shift.action = 1
    • optionally configure the scroll speed with mousewheel.with_shift.delta_multiplier_x = 300

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