Last Updated: March 08, 2016
· icflorescu

Feedback needed for custom OpenShift cartridge


More than a year ago I released on GitHub the code for a custom application cartridge enabling users to run any Node.js version on RedHat's OpenShift Online PaaS.

Since the "official" OpenShift Node.js cartridge is kind of obsolete (still offering v0.10 even now when the LTS version is 4.2.2), many enthusiast developers and even companies started using custom-brewed solutions (including the aforementioned cartridge) to run their applications on the latest version. Which is not surprising at all, since Node.js is by definition a cutting-edge technology surrounded by a fast evolving ecosystem.

A few days ago I decided to bring in a few potentially disruptive changes in the cartridge (which - rest assured - won't affect any existing OpenShift deployments).

So if you're one of the developers using my cartridge and are willing to contribute with ideas and some constructive feedback, please don't hesitate to drop a reply here:

Thanks and happy coding ;-)