Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· dvberkel

Use GitHub Organizations to Organize Code

tl;dr; I suffer from an unwieldy GitHub profile. Is use GitHub for all of my projects, however small or futile. I recently started using GitHub organizations to organize my code.

I love to try out new technologies, try out a new idea or just goof around with code. As such my GitHub has become unwieldy. It contains a lot of repositories. Often I know that I have tried something, but am unable to find it.

GitHub introduced organizations in June 2010 and recently I started using them. Whenever I think of a cool project that I want to share code with, instead of creating a bunch of repositories, I create a new organization.

It enables my to group related repositories, without losing track of them. It is a tremendous improvement over the old way of finding useful code.

Start using organizations yourself by creating an organization today

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I do it all the time, it is really nice trick to store good forks that you want to hack on, but don't really want to show on your own github profile.

over 1 year ago ·

GitHub is the best Git hosting all the time of course. the interface is easy to understand.
But sometimes you want to develop app in private, and GitHub provide private repo
but its paid. And the best way to host your git repo is in Bitbucket or make your own git repo host

over 1 year ago ·