Last Updated: November 19, 2020
· vinitcool76

Setup Macvim For Maximum Awesomeness

Update: The old settings no longer works properly as there has been many updates to Macvim and Peepopen no longer works, so for the sake of new visitors of this post, I am posting the latest and greatest config I use currently.

These are my dotvim files that I use in my daily development. I have for long used a modified version of
spf13 with heavy customizations on top of it. But with time, it felt a bit sluggish and heavy. So decided
to start my .vimrc from scratch. The following config is a direct result of this. It feels very fast and it
is fun to write code in my Vim again. Hope you enjoy it and if you do, you can tip me here at Thanks! :)


In order to install the latest version:

git clone
git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
cd .vim
cp vimrc ~/.vimrc
cp gvimrc ~/.gvimrc
vim +BundleInstall +qall


In order to install the older version of my dotvim:

git clone
git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
cd .vim
git fetch origin
git checkout origin/master-old
cp vimrc ~/.vimrc
cp vimrc.before ~/.vimrc.before
cp vimrc.bundles ~/.vimrc.bundles
vim +BundleInstall +qall


Install the font Inconsolata for Powerline.otf


Patches and fixes are most welcome. Just make sure that you aren't breaking something. Also, open issues
for any feature requests.

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after git clone vimsettings
I cant perform cp -r vimsettings/janus/vim/* ~/.vim/janus/vim because there is no janus directory to begin with. Any help?

Update: I found your new 'dotvim' on github, worked perfectly. thanks!

over 1 year ago ·

what about peepopen now? i think current versions not working in yosemite

over 1 year ago ·

I haven't used peepopen in sometime. You could ask it's developer to update his code to work in Yosemite if it is really broken in it.

over 1 year ago ·

Just an update: after cd .vim, we need to do this: git fetch origin && git checkout origin/master-old

Awesome post! Thanks a lot!!

over 1 year ago ·

@vitorcavalcanti: Updated the code with my latest config. Hope it helps. Cheers!

over 1 year ago ·