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Javascript Hook System

Okay, so I have written a little hook/plugin system for Javascript as I needed to have a base class which other developers could then hook their functions into prior to other functionality running.

Heres what I got:

var ClassName = function(){
  //Construct Stuff

ClassName.prototype.hooks = new Array();

ClassName.prototype.setHook = function( hook, args ){
  // {Hook Name : { Func: args }}
  InstanceOfClass.hooks.push({'hook': hook, 'args': args});

ClassName.prototype.getHook = function( hook ){

  var hookArray = InstanceOfClass.getHooks();

  for( var i in hookArray ){

    if( hookArray[i].hook == hook ){
      var argsKeys = Object.keys(hookArray[i].args);
      return InstanceOfClass[argsKeys[0]].apply(ClassName, hookArray[i].args);
  return null;

ClassName.prototype.getHooks = function(){
  return InstanceOfClass.hooks;


ClassName.prototype.preMethod = function(){
    var InstanceOfClass = new ClassName();

    InstanceOfClass.setHook('MY_HOOK', {'SomeOtherMethod', [params]});

ClassName.prototype.myMethod = function(){
    var InstanceOfClass = new ClassName();

    // Will fire off the method by hook

Please bare in mind that my JavaScript skills are very poor and there may be better ways of doing this, but I couldn't really figure anything else out.

Let me know what you think or any improvements you would make.

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