Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· galvao

Easily verifying a file checksum

This is a pretty short and easy tip, but since it took me a while to realize I could do this, it may help others, so here it goes:

Suppose you've downloaded a large file (an ISO image for an example) and you need to verify the file's checksum. I typically go to a terminal and type:

md5sum /path/to/file

After it outputs the checksum you can read it and compare it with the one published by the vendor or you can do:

md5sum /path/to/file |grep vendor_checksum

If the checksum is correct you'll see the normal md5sum output.If it's not you won't see a thing, but a simple new prompt. It's simple as that.

Alternatively, for Firefox users, the "Down Them All!" addon can be configured to automatically verify a checksum as soon as the file arrives, which is also pretty neat.