Last Updated: October 18, 2016
· kimgoulb

Convert a query string to an associative array in js

A simple function to convert query strings to an associative array using javascript.

var queryConvert = function(){
    var queryStr =,
      queryArr = queryStr.replace('?','').split('&'),
      queryParams = [];

    for (var q = 0, qArrLength = queryArr.length; q < qArrLength; q++) {
        var qArr = queryArr[q].split('=');
        queryParams[qArr[0]] = qArr[1];

    return queryParams;

This query string - ?location=us&state=georgia - should return - [ location: us, state: georgia ]

What do you think? Any better methods?

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I use a very similar solution to send get links via post. In this case, i need to make a qArr[1].replace('+','%2b'), if dont, jQuery gonna crazy when make a ajax post.

over 1 year ago ·

This does not work with arrays e.g. ?names[]=Jane&names[]=John

over 1 year ago ·