Last Updated: September 09, 2019
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Theme/Scheme Collection For Sublime, Textmate, Chrome Dev Tools, and more

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While looking for a place showcase the scheme I had made a few weeks back I stumbled across this freaking awesome site where people can view and submit themes/schemes. While it doesn't boast the some of the features that has, it does have one very important function that colorsublime doesn't offer:

The ability to submit themes/schemes.

This ability gives devthemez (beta) a far greater potential for expansion, because the more popular it gets, the more content is available.

While it's not quite everything I wish it was, it is still an awesome place to find and submit new themes. Here are some bits about the site:

Awesome Bits

  • Over 40 Schemes/Themes Available
  • Multiple Screenshots
  • Actively Being Added To (looks like roughly 1-3 new themes/schemes every week)
  • Login With Github Account
  • Download/View Counters
  • Comment System (DISQUS)
  • My Awesome Schemes

Not-So Awesome Bits

  • No Live-Preview
  • Descriptions Are Not Markdown Driven
  • Vim, BBEdit, and Espresso are kinda like the unwanted children, they don't get many submissions.


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