Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· martinpeck

Resetting Sublime Text's Zoom/Font Size via Keyboard

I often increase and decrease the zoom level in apps. Sublime text actually calls this the Font Size, and out of the box it supports the following keyboard shortcuts...

  • Increase Zoom/Font Size - super+plus or super+equals
  • Decrease Zoom/Font Size - super+minus

... where 'super' on a Mac is the Cmd (⌘) key, and on Windows is the Ctrl key.

However, there isn't a keyboard shortcut for resetting the zoom/font size. Normally this would be super+0 in most apps, but Sublime Text doesn't give you this by default.

To get this feature you need to add the following to your keyboard bindings (found under Preferences)...

{ "keys": ["super+0"], "command": "reset_font_size" }

super+0 would normally focus the 9th open tab in a Window, so you'll be overriding that behaviour, but if you're like me that will be a small price to pay.