Last Updated: November 24, 2019
· just3ws

Coderwall is live on Assembly

Have you ever wished something was different about Coderwall? Had an idea for a feature or to fix some annoying defect. Most sites you'd just have to deal with it and hope somebody was listening on the support channel. Well, we're not most sites. :D We're Coderwall. Now you don't have to wish and hope. Now you can make it happen!

To learn more about the idea behind opening up the Coderwall codebase please read this article by Coderwall founder Matt Deiters, "All our Coderwall are belong to you".

Coderwall has been released as a open-source company on Assembly. You can help us figure out what needs to be done and help improve the codebase yourself while building equity with the company with each bounty. We've got an active chat going and are already accepting pull requests.

To get started visit our official project page at There you can read and comment on bounties, join the ongoing chat, and start to look at the code and find out how to get in and get coding.

I've been enjoying working with all the people who've come in and started contributing so far and I'm looking forward to working with you! See you in the codebase!

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