Last Updated: December 26, 2018
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My Workspace

Here's my workspace at An Estuary:


I use a Retina MacBook Pro so I can use the same machine on or off-site. Honestly I'd prefer to be running Linux, but XCode...

Combine that with a 27" Samsung monitor, and it's plenty of screen real estate.

A Sun Type 5 keyboard is essential, because 1) Control and Caps Lock are where God intended them, and 2) Esc is right next to the 1 key so it's very convenient for Vim.

I use a Logitech G500 gaming mouse because the weight and variable speed settings are super handy, the ability to turn ratcheting on and off on the scroll wheel is super handy for scrolling through long files, and hey, sometimes it's nice to take a brek and play Guild Wars 2.

I also have a Wacom Bamboo tablet which doesn't see much use because I am NOT a designer.

The Plugable USB 3 hub compensates for the Macbook's lack of ports, and it's the only USB hub that hasn't driven me mad with flakiness.

Also Rainbow Dash is on my desk because OMG PONIES!!!

The mug is from The Daily WTF, so I can be reminded that the code I'm less proud of is WAY better than a lot of what's out there.

Oh, and the mousepad is from Sun too, because I'm a fanboy.

For more about the hackers of An Estuary, you can read our dev blog. For more about me, you can read my blog.

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I like the keyboard. :)

over 1 year ago ·