Last Updated: October 04, 2020
· brianhsu

My Workspace

At Office

Office Workspace 1
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Pretty much a standard office desk, with a Acer Aspire 3820TG laptop and an external monitor. The A4 paper on the wall is the cheat sheet of Git branch strategy.

Paper tray below the cheat sheet is used as GTD inbox.

Office Workspace 2
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Office Workspace 3
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At right hand side, there are some figures of my favorite light novel / game character, and some reference books.

At Home


Home Workspace 1
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A wooden made long desk and a book shelf formed my workspace at my home. Machines like Mac Mini server, external hard disk and Wii console are on the orange / white rack.

Home Workspace 4
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Book shelf have lots of my collections, including light novels, figures, and photos.

Home Workspace 2
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There is also a paper tray as GTD inbox with my cell phone.

Home Workspace 3
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Finally, a simple 43-folder tickler system and some items that I must carry everyday.

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