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Posted to Maintenance header for SEO with PHP over 1 year ago

If anyone want to be sure that Google respects 503 status code, you should check this link

In Bash ctrl+x+e opens default editor (like vim) where you can prepare your command before executing.

Posted to PHP operator precedence over 1 year ago

Watching 2 hours and 30 m movie about a text editor may be annoying, imo better idea is to look to the source, which is an article by Jeffrey Way Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2 -

Posted to Why always use '===' in Javascript over 1 year ago

Mostly yes, but are you always sure about those types? Look at the first example, is it logical that new Number(10) !== 10 ? IMO not rly. That's why use of === is another best practice in JS.

It's also useful while working with cron.

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