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Posted to Squash some commits over 1 year ago

@paulyoung awesome. Even better

Posted to Quickly create a file backup over 1 year ago

slick. I created a function for this.

create a backup of a file

function bu() {
cp "$1"{,.bak}

call it like this $ bu filename

Posted to Host a static HTML/CSS site in Heroku over 1 year ago

Nice! Thank you

Posted to Coderwall - Markdown Cheat Sheet over 1 year ago

@sheerun have you figured out how to specify highlighting scheme?

Posted to Favorite Git Aliases over 1 year ago

@rogerleite love that wat alias, thanks

@originell Awesome :)

@originell that abbrev feature is awesome

actually, figured it out. I did :args directoryname/* to get files into buffer instead of just the directory and then it worked. thanks!

@vimrocks Thanks. I have that set in my .vimrc but I still get the error

I'm getting an error "Cannot make changes, 'modifiable' is off". Have you ran into this?

Posted to JAM with your Friends online over 1 year ago

dude, this is seriously awesome. thanks!

I use tmux on top of iterm. Do you know of any particular +'s for using zsh in your work flow? I'm curious as I see this shell listed a few times in people's repos. Thanks for the tip

Posted to CommandT for vim over 1 year ago

Thank you guys! I will try Ctrl-P out to see how it works. I haven't had much trouble loading big file trees in CommandT as I just work in git repos that are not too many directories deep. But I'll definitely have a look as I like trying new plugins out :)

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