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@whardier, do you know better solution?

@brombomb --no-verify argument doesn't work for hooks (what I know..).
@hauleth - I rewrote this hook into Ruby with --no-verify support.

Posted to Syntax highlighting for zsh over 1 year ago

Thanks, looks awesome!!!

what if I don't use Debian family linux?
what if I don't use rbenv?

Next time add tags.

Ok, now I see your point. Will try to improve the hook a bit.

Good to know! Thanks for your comment!

@hauleth I think that you don't understand how it works ;).
It doesn't check all files, it checks only changed/added files, just call git diff-index --name-only HEAD -- in one of your repositories where you have some uncommitted changes. Create file, run script again, add file to commit and run it again.

@hauleth thanks for feedback, however git grep --cached doesn't show changes which aren't committed. It searches only in blobs registered in the index file.

Btw. feedback applied :)

Posted to Vim Git Diff in the Gutter over 1 year ago

let g:gitgutter_enabled = 0 makes that you have to call EnableGitGutter to see changes.
If you want to turn on by default, you should switch 0 to 1.

Posted to Disable Zsh autocorrect over 1 year ago

Ok, but sometimes correction is useful.

Posted to Disable Zsh autocorrect over 1 year ago

You can exclude only selected commands by using nocorrect function.
For instance: alias mv='nocorrect mv'

Posted to Open Git conflicts in Vim over 1 year ago

You can also define vim as mergetool, like here ->

Posted to Interactive Vim Tutorial over 1 year ago
Posted to Delete all the merged branches in git over 1 year ago

Awesome, thanks!

Posted to Learn shortcuts. Work faster. over 1 year ago

thanks @mhitza, fixed!

Posted to Create Break Points in Rails with Pry over 1 year ago

@jisaacks I just wrote another protip (similar to yours) for passenger standalone. Check this out

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