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Wow, I hope they gave you that job.

Posted to Gamer style Sublime Text Key Bindings over 1 year ago

The best!

Posted to CSS inverted border radius over 1 year ago

Like for the clever tip and the clever recruiting tactic. Genius on two levels.

Posted to ADB over Wifi over 1 year ago

Super cool.

Posted to jQuery native alternatives over 1 year ago

Very useful.

alias rs='ruby -run -e httpd . -p 5000' to make it even quicker to run.

Thanks, this is useful.

chrome://net-internals!! SO COOL!

I always have to look up how to do this stuff, now I can just come look at this. Thanks.

This is super useful. This is how I run minecraft server.

Posted to Vote: Saving Protips over 1 year ago

Why do you not like upvoting the tip and then finding it again later in your liked tips? To me this is essentially what you are asking for, no?

Posted to Pure CSS Game - No JS! over 1 year ago

That's impressive, great job.

Posted to Shortcuts that save time over 1 year ago


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