Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· sharipov-ru

Firefox: MacVim or SublimeText as external Source View editor.

Have you ever wanted to use your favorite editor with your set of plugins and color scheme for “View Source Code" feature in Firefox?

So, it's pretty simple with setting just a couple options in FF.

First of all you need to open FF configuration page: just type about:config in the address box.

Then type view_source.editor and hit the Enter: you'll see two options:
* viewsource.editor.external
* view

Set view_source.editor.external to true and set a path of your favorite editor.

To see a fullpath to your editor just use where command:

where mvim

If you want to use Sublime Text editor, you need to create a symlink for binary file and provide given path to view_source.editor.path:

ln -s "/Applications/Sublime Text" /usr/local/bin/sublime
where sublime