Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· haihappen

Using multiple Dropbox accounts on OS X

We at beenetwork started to use Dropbox for Teams recently. With the ability to switch accounts the web version is really powerful, especially because I'm able to work with both my private Dropbox and the company's one. However the OS X client isn't capable to switch accounts easily or to run multiple accounts (yet). Even the recent 2.0 update didn't bring this highly awaited feature. So how we fix this?

Command line?

Googling it brings following solution. Which perfectly works, however we developers share on common characteristic: We are lazy! Running these commands on each startup kinda sucks, and you will definitely forget it sometimes.


We could create simple Automator programs containing this commands, and then adding them to OS X's login items. However most of the time they didn't work (for me).

LaunchAgents to the rescue!

Fortunately OS X inherited some powerful features like launchd from BSD. And it's super simple to add custom launch agents on your own. I pushed mine to GitHub, and added some installation info to the too!

Happy sharing!