Last Updated: October 12, 2017
· rafaeljesus

Rails, Backbone, Oauth, Websocket, Heroku Sample Application

I am just sharing my sample portfolio application

You will see:

  • Backbone.Model associations without any plugin
  • Synchronizing between clients with Faye
  • Authentication with Facebook, Twitter, Github, Google+ without page refresh
  • No Zombie Views and Memory leaks in Backbone.Views
  • A convention to display form inline errors when Rails respond to errors
  • How to deploy a Websocket application on Heroku without paying
  • How to run Puma with 2 worker in cluster mode on Heroku without paying
  • Full-stack integration testing
  • Highcharts

Some patterns in this app were extract from Backbone.js on Rails and Building Backbone Plugins

Grab the code on my Github and have fun:

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hello i'm new in rails and i trying to make a rails app that using websocket-rails gem it works in my developmet env but i have problems when i try to using in heroku

over 1 year ago ·

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