Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· denialparl

Password Expiration Notification

Management of domain user passwords expiration is very important but time taking tasks. These user accounts play very important role in organization’s security so it is important for network admins to take on time care of password expiration.

However, Windows show notification to users when their password is about to expire but in most of the cases, users don’t care about these notifications. Also, in Active Directory, there might be some users who rarely logon to their domain account so they skip Windows password notifications. If administrator do not keep regular checkup on users account for password expiration then they have to deal with bunch password expired queries in a single day. The accounts with expired passwords can cause serious security threats to organizations. Use of PowerShell to identify soon to expire password accounts and send email notification to such users is really a very tiring task. An automated utility will be a good solution to deal with password reminder issues.

Lepide User Password Expiration Reminder ( is one such automated software, which proficiently handles the password expiration cases. It will automatically detects users soon to expire, users whose password will never expire, users with expired passwords etc. in domains. As per the configured policy, users will automatically get an e-mail notification when their password will about to expire. Try out the trial version of this password expiration notification software to explore its features and comprehensive reports.