Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· lambdalisue

How to enable Vim bindings in a latest IPython/Jupyter

I love Vim. I love IPython/Jupyter.

That's a main reason why I made the plugin called lambdalisue/jupyter-vim-binding.

While I'm vimmer, I would love to use Vim key binding in IPython notebook interface as well. Googling lead me to check ivanov/ipython but it seemed the development of the plugin is end and the plugin does not work in a latest IPython notebook (v 4.0 or later). That's why I decide to make my original version of the plugin. Check the screencast below to get the image of the plugin.


Everything is in the screen cast. If you are interested in the plugin, visit lambdalisue/jupyter-vim-binding and follow the instruction. Don't forget to click Star :-)