Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· joahg

Easier Pow usage

Pow is a great tool for running Rails and Rack apps on the fly, but, unfortunately, it is a 3-4 command process getting to the point of actually using Pow (assuming you already have it installed). To use Pow, you must symlink your app's directory to a file in ~/.pow, which seems like it should be pretty easy (and it is), but it still takes brain power that you should be putting towards the development of your app instead of simply looking at it.

Add pow to your PATH, and it enables the usage of pow <appname> [-f] from inside your app's directory.

pow <appname> will symlink the current directory (should be used in the topmost level of your app's directory) to ~/.pow/<appname> with a single command - if there is not one there already. If there is, simply use pow <appname> -f to overwrite it.