Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· kenju

Atom Editor Shortcut Cheatsheat

Atom Editor Shortcut Cheatsheat

Basic Usage

  • cmd-shift-P: Open Command Palette
  • cmd-,: Open Setting
  • cmd-¥: Toggle the Tree View
  • alt-shift-s: View all available snippets


  • Save
    • cmd-s: Save
    • cmd-shift-s: Save As
    • cmd-alt-s: Save all the open files
  • Open
    • cmd-p & cmd-t: Open a File in a Project
    • cmd-b: Search through only the files currently opened
  • Move
    • cmd-g: Move to a specific line
    • cmd-r: Move to a symbol such as a method definition
    • cmd-shift-r: cmd-r for all symbols across your project
    • ctrl-m: Jump to the bracket matching the one adjacent to the cursor
  • Selection
    • ctrl-shift-p: Select up
    • ctrl-shift-n: Select down
    • ctrl-shift-b: Select previous character
    • ctrl-shift-f: Select next character
    • ctrl-shift-e: Select to end of line
    • ctrl-shift-a: Select to first character of line
    • cmd-shift-↑: Select to top of file
    • cmd-shift-↓: Select to bottom of file
    • cmd-l: Select entire line
    • cmd-shift-w: Select current word
    • cmd-shift-l: Convert a multi-line selection into multiple cursors
    • cmd-d: Select the next word in the document that is the same as the currently selected word
    • ctrl-cmd-g: Select all words in a document that are the same as the one under the current cursor(s)
  • Encoding
    • ctrl-shift-u: Toggle menu to change file encoding


  • cmd-shift-o: Add Project Folder

Split Pane

  • cmd-k ←: Split left
  • cmd-k →: Split right
  • cmd-k ↑: Split up
  • cmd-k ↓: Split down

Edit Text

  • Edit
    • ctrl-t: Transpose characters
    • cmd-j: Join the next line to the end of the current line
    • cmd-shift-d: Duplicate the current line
    • ctrl-cmd-up: Move the current line up
    • ctrl-cmd-down: move the current line down
    • cmd-k, cmd-u: Upper case the current word
    • cmd-k, cmd-l: Lower case the current word
  • Delete
    • ctrl-shift-k: Delete current line
    • cmd-delete: Cut to end of life
    • cmd-backspace: Delete to beginning of line
  • Folding
    • alt-cmd-[: Fold code block
    • alt-cmd-]: Unfold code block
    • alt-cmd-shift-{: Fold all code blocks
    • alt-cmd-shift-}: Unfold all code blocks


  • Git
    • cmd-alt-z: Checks out the HEAD revision of the file in the editor
  • Github
    • alt-g, o: Open file on Github
    • alt-g, b: Open blame of file on Github
    • alt-g, h: Open history of file on Github
    • alt-g, c: Copy the url of the current file on Github
    • alt-g, r: Branch compare on Github

If you want to configure Atom to be your Git commit editor:

$ git config --global core.editor "atom --wait"


  • ctrl-shift-m: Preview Markdown
  • img, tab: Create snippet of a Markdown-formatted img
  • table, tab: Create snippet of a Markdown-formatted table