Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· jcoy

Why do we still need Evernote since there is awesome

I'm a Emacs user and as you may know there is a awesome mode called gist.el, and since then, I found that it's completely my Evernote replacement. Why replace Evernote with gist?

  • code snippet (very significant reason)
  • Version Control, gist actually is a git repo, so you have all the commit history.
  • Social, fork, star, and comment as well.
  • I have emacs open all the time my machine is on. no reason open another app for note taking.
  • annoying Evernote text editor without emacs like shotcut.
  • Github Flavored Markdown(with emoji), or even org-mode and reStructuredText support.

But since there are not so many Emacsers, I create a Atom package glist which do the exact thing as gist.el for as atom support markdown instant preview, note taking with gist is even better.

Anyway there is still one thing gist cannot replace evernote -- web cliper. So I'm working on a simple chrome extension do the exact thing -- clipping web as markdown to

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I tried glist and it lists gists by sha code. They are kind of hard to memorize. Gitbox lists them by title and filename. Is that difficult or impossible in an atom package? Or you just know all your SHAs by heart?

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