Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· angelathewebdev

Mobile Development Tools

Being able to develop on Mobile browsers is no longer an option, it's a necessity and lately, becoming a requirement for front-end developers. Developing your apps on desktop browsers alone, and hoping for the best is no longer going to work. Because you'll end up like this when you hook it up to your phone and you see bunch of garbage.


So to avoid that, I will introduce some tools that will make your life a lot easier as a front-end web/mobile developer. (Edit: list will be updated as I go along discovering new tools ;) )

Mobile Simulation

These are tools that allow you to have the desktop browser imitate the behaviour of their mobile counterparts.

Mobile Emulator

These are the apps/tools that will create an instance of the mobile device with the browser for testing.

Remote Debugging

Whether you have your page served up in the mobile emulator or the actual device itself. If you want to take a peek into what's going on in the browser, use remote debugging.


When you have more than a handful of device to test, you wouldn't want to scroll a page a dozen time to see the effects on all devices. Rather you would want the actions to synchronise, whether it's filling out a form or clicking on a link.

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i am currently giving a try to Monaca: http://monaca.mobi/en/
I can do my programming on the cloud and debug in real time with my phone with my user account and my all my projects. The Monaca debugger app its in the Play Store. Pretty neat.

over 1 year ago ·