Last Updated: September 27, 2021
· dpashkevich

Experience shipping a non-trivial app in Swift

For the past couple of quarters, we at Lucid Software have been hard at work rewriting our Lucidchart iPad app using the new and shiny Swift language.

Lucidchart app for iPad

Here are the highlights of our experience with Swift:

  • The language is pretty cool. Features like Optionals and Pattern Matching make the code much more idiomatic.
  • Using Objective-C from Swift is feasible. It's not perfect, but Apple has put a lot of work into making Objective-C classes and objects useable from Swift. So you generally don't have to worry about using exising third party libraries written in ObjC.
  • The dev tools are still a work in progress. Again, Apple is quickly addressing all the pain points that the developers are facing, but you may still experience a number of frustrations.

The bottom line: we feel like writing the app in Swift has been a good investment and don't regret it.

Read our blog post for full detail!