Last Updated: October 14, 2020
· tomasdev

SublimeText configuration and plugins with Dropbox backup

About a month ago, Marek wrote about SublimeText 3 - keeping your settings in sync across multiple computers with MacOSX in his tumblr. Basically I'm still using SublimeText 2, so here are my instructions to do it.

For Windows users, it should work the same way, although you'll probably have to use mklink or junction instead of ln -s, and the equivalents for copying, making directories, and removing folders.


Paste the following into a terminal. Note: location may vary depending on your scaffolding configuration.

DROPBOX="$HOME/Dropbox/Apps/Sublime Text 2"
SUBLIME="$HOME/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2"

1- Copying your current packages to Dropbox (a.k.a. upload)

mkdir -p "$DROPBOX"
cp -R "$SUBLIME/Packages" "$DROPBOX/"
cp -R "$SUBLIME/Installed Packages" "$DROPBOX/"

2- Set it up to sync (a.k.a. download)

PLEASE BEWARE: the rm command cannot be undone. Make sure to properly backup your packages and installed packages folder before trying the following lines. It happened to me once that the previous cp failed.

rm -Rf "$SUBLIME/Packages"
rm -Rf "$SUBLIME/Installed Packages"
ln -s "$DROPBOX/Packages" "$SUBLIME/Packages"
ln -s "$DROPBOX/Installed Packages" "$SUBLIME/Installed Packages"