Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· lautarodragan

Recommended Firefox Plugins

I have compiled a small list of Firefox plugins that come in handy.
First in the list come the plugins anyone might find handy; then, all the developer plugins.

<a href="">**Download Statusbar**</a>
I just love this one. Similar to Google Chrome’s default way of displaying downloads, except that way better. Lots of config options, too.

<a href="">**Xmarks** </a>
Bookmarks in the cloud. Cross browser. I love this one because it's really browser independant: the developers aren't related to any browser. Been using it for years and it just works, I really recommend it.

<a href="">**Instant Fox**</a>
Search from the address bar... for any site. (Type "y", press space, search in youtube).
Similar to Google Chrome’s native support for Tab-searching.

<a href="">**Grab and Drag**</a>
Grab and scroll the page, the same way you do when reading PDF’s.

<a href="">**Menu Icons Plus**</a>
Just some eye-candy.

<a href="">**FireBug**</a>
I guess I don't really have to explain this one, do I?

<a href="">**Measure It**</a>
A ruler on screen. Comes in handy for web development.

<a href="">**ColorZilla**</a>
Advanced eyedropper. Comes in handy for web development.

<a href="">**FireShot**</a>
Take a screenshot of the web page. Upload it. All in one click. Also provides annotation and other image editing features.

<a href=" ">FireFTP</a>
A complete must. One of the best FTP tools out there.

<a href="">**Poster**</a>
Most popular tool for testing REST services.

<a href="">**Modify Headers**</a>
Another tool for testing REST services. Relevant because Poster doesn’t save the settings, and you can always perform a GET by just navigating to the url.

<a href="">**JSON View**</a>
Get nice formatted json. Navigate to <a href=" and see a mess? No longer.">a json example</a> and see a mess? No longer.

I hope you found this list useful! I might edit it in the future, should I find any other significant plugins.

Thanks for reading! :)