Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· dfang

enable vim with lua support

how to enable vim with lua support for neocomplete.vim

just :version to see your macvim copy has lua support

if you don't see +lua, just

brew install macvim --with-lua
brew install vim --with-lua

updated: if you want vim with lua support, you have to 'brew install macvim --with-lua' first

it seems 'brew install vim --with-lua' don't install lua properly ...... , want to know why, see formula

brew edit vim and brew edit macvim,

anyway, remember to 'brew install macvim --with-lua' first

external link

update: it was a bug for vim formula, if you don't have lua installed, brew install vim will not install lua for you, i've sent a pull request for this.