Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· jinnko

Chef bootstrapping a debian 7 wheezy system

Bootstrapping a wheezy system currently fails because there's no omnibus package for it. CHEF-4125 addresses this, however it's still a hack to get it working.

The hack:

  1. Download the template gist
  2. Make sure your ~/.chef/knife.rb has an entry for encrypted_data_bag_secret otherwise the bootstrap will exit with ERROR: TypeError: can't convert nil into String
$ grep -q '^encrypted_data_bag_secret' ~/.chef/knife.rb || echo 'encrypted_data_bag_secret "#{Dir.home}/.chef/encrypted_data_bag_secret"' >> ~/.chef/knife.rb
  1. Bootstrap your node
knife bootstrap -E $ENV -r 'role[base-server]','role[lsb]' -N $NODE_NAME --bootstrap-version 10.26.0 --template-file /path/to/downloaded/gist/for/debian7-wheezy.erb --ssh-user root $NODE_NAME

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Omnibus package now exists and installs fine.

over 1 year ago ·