Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· mremond

Rails and Webmock: Dumping the result data to help writing WebMock stubs

As a default I set WebMock to disable all network interactions in my spec_helper.rb:

RSpec.configure do |config|
    config.before(:each) do

I really do not want our test code to be dependant of network availability and I want them to run fast.

Sometimes, I need to write a test that connect to a real world service and I want a little help in understanding what I should mock.
I thus allow WebMock to use the network and dump the trafic I would like to analyse for mocking:

before(:each) do
    WebMock.allow_net_connect!    # TODO Mock
    WebMock.after_request do |request_signature, response|
        puts "Request #{request_signature} was made.\nResponse: Status = #{response.status}\n Header = #{JSON.pretty_generate response.headers}\n  Body = #{response.body}"

With the relevant dump, you can mock various cases in a complex third-party API quite easily.
Do not forget that you will have to review the third-party API from time to time to check if it did not change.