Last Updated: September 09, 2019
· greelgorke

Sails.js - REST API in few keystrokes*


this says it best:

  • Automatically generated JSON API for manipulating models means you don't have to write any backend code to build simple database apps
  • Built-in authentication, role-based access control, and customizable policies assignable at the controller/action level
  • Transport agnostic routing: Sails controllers also handle / WebSocket messages. This makes it much easier to send the server-originated or 'comet' notifications you need for features like chat, realtime analytics, and multiplayer games.
  • Automatic asset minification with Rigging: Your UI code is automatically included in development mode, and minified into a simple, gzipped file in production.

looks pretty awesome to me. i totally give it a try.

*more code may be needed to model relationships

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For rapid prototyping and a great experience I highly recommend also looking at (seems to be a bit simpler than sails.js, but it's still a really amazing and powerful tool)

over 1 year ago ·

@maciejsmolinski this looks amazing at the first sight, thanks for the pointer

over 1 year ago ·