Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· vikram

Blinded by too Many Results in Fiddler?

If I am trying to web-scrape a page, the first thing I do is turn on fiddler, and try to obtain the information manually that I need to attempt automatically later.

But to do just that, I would need to locate the web-request entry that I am looking for.

Tip 1 : Use Filters:

Setting Host
Go to filters tab, Set the Host that you are looking for, for ex: I was trying to see the response from Google maps and I live in India so I set my host to:

Use the client process tab to select your browser process, refining further

Tip 2: Use Find Option:

Use Ctrl + F and enter the text that the web response would contain.

for ex: I was trying to find a coffee shop in Pune (my city) on Google maps and the resulting webpage contained an unusual entry: Costa Coffee, paste that in the find box and hit return. BOOM, your request(s) are yellowed now.

Tip 3: You can further delete other entries by selecting the only ones that you want and hitting shift + delete , all the other requests (the ones that you didn't highlight) will be gone.

That's pretty much it.

Have a nice day guys ;)