Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· becreative-germany

TypeScript – the JavaScript Superset

From my first experience with TypeScript i said to myself that i will never more develop JavaScript/NodeJs without TypeScript! It feels so much more natural in thinking and programming. You no longer need to think like a Closure Compiler.

There are so much programming languages and many of them follow the OOP paradigm e.g PHP and Python. Impractical in this case is the rethinking process when you connect the frontend with the backend in two different languages styles where the OOP layout looks very differently. It costs time and requires a lot experience in the structuring and developing of JavaScript Applications. Furthermore TypeScript provided a static type check mechanism called “Type annontation” it ensures for more stability and awareness of your code. That´s some reasons why it convinced me.

Build your OOP-design, think one-way and connect it very similar with TypeScript.
The similarities on the OOP design are painfully abvious.