Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· grazerc0de

Open Vim: Learn Vim in Interactive Mode

If you don't know about Vim, Vim is an advanced editor based UNIX that helps you editing your code faster. Most advanced code use Vim. And OpenVim is an webapp to teach how to use Vim. Its built in HTML5,CSS3 and Javasciprt.So if you are new in Vim or you haven't try Vim , this web app is fit on you.

Some Vim features in this web app may not work properly, some commands are not yet implemented

  • First Fire Up your favourite browser and Visit OpenVim



The interface is nice and friendly enough. There's a Laptop with purple screen where the learning and sandbox begins there.


The interactive tutorial teaches you the basic usage of Vim and some advanced uses of Vim.
The tutorial is divided into 21 sections from Basic Movement,Editing,Copy paste to Visual Mode (Of course there are more)


In the Sandbox mode, you can pratice what you have learn before.


This page contains unit tests for the Vim engine. Some of the commands are not implemented, and the test will be failed.

So how do you feel about it, if you're new into Vim you should learn it and start coding faster, and If you're a pro one, you should have a try