Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· grazerc0de

Vi mode in Sublime Text

Many Sublime Users don't know about this. Sublime Text provides Vintage mode or Vi mode but it set to disable by default. If you want to code faster but you want to use Sublime Text features then Vintage mode is for you.

Note : Package Control must be installed. Click this if you don't know how to install Package Control. There's away without using Package Control but for this lesson I show you the quick one.


  • Fire up Sublime Text

  • Open Command Palette by SHIFT+CTRL+P in Windows or CMD+SHIFT+P in Mac

  • Now fuzzy search enable. and the command would be Package Control: Enable Package. Then press Enter.


  • list items will be showed. you can directly chose Vintage or if it doesn't show up ,then type Vintage and press Enter


  • Now Sublime Text automaticaly entered in Vi or Vintage mode, you don't even need to restart!


If you feel don't comfortable with Vintage mode or just want to switch back in normal mode. You simply have to run Package Control: Disable Package in command palette and type Vintage then enter.