Last Updated: October 11, 2016
· proyecto513

Django and Sublime Text 3

Hello Coderwall

This is my first ProTip, and I want to share with you one of my latest experiences working with Django.

Looking for and IDE

I've always been a fan of Sublime text but I was looking for something better for my python development (pretty bad idea to perform in the middle of an important project) so I try PyDev, PyCharm, Wing, Komodo, etc. but in the end I return to my old reliable Sublime Text, but this time with version 3

Finally my tip

If you are working with Django and you feel comfortable with sublime text I recommend you to look at this sublime plugins:

I really think you will enjoy pretty more your django work with this plugins, for my next Protip I promess a more "CoderWall-style" tip, but It's just that I am so excited about a lot of things and I hope you enjoy my words and my codes

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Hey, it's exactly what I need right now. I've just installed vim+relevant plugins, but I was thinking of giving Sublime a shot. Thank you!

over 1 year ago ·

Hey there, thanks for the helpful post! :)

I found the Djaneiro plugin super useful, too. I really like the syntax highlighting for Django HTML templates and the code completion snippets it comes with (for example, you can type if, hit Tab, and Djaneiro creates an {% if ___ %} {% endif %} block for you automatically).

I ended up writing a quick review of Djaneiro and its features. You can find it here if you're interested:

Keep up the good work :)

over 1 year ago ·