Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· jjperezaguinaga
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Javascript Template for Libraries


Lately I had been struggling trying to explain Javascript to newcomers, specially to people that come from OOP language and have problems understanding the language. As a result, I created a simple template for them to start hack away. As a bonus, I also added the basics for YuiDocs and how to use it.

Here's the stripped template. I would go check the Gist, as it seem the Syntax Highlighting works funky, plus I added some explanations there.

* A simple template for native Javascript modules and classes with documentation
* @module Template
* @author jjperezaguinaga
* @copyright (c) 2012 Company Inc.
* @requires NoLibrary

window.Template = (function( t, undefined ) {

* My awesome class that does funky things.
* @class AwesomeClass
* @constructor
* @chainable
t.AwesomeClass = function() {
    var self = {};

    * My awesome property. Stick to a code standard - under_score or camelCase!
    * @property awesomeProperty
    * @type = {String}
    * @default "" 
    self.awesomeProperty = "";

    * My awesome private property. Closures! Your object has scope on this variable.
    * @property id
    * @type = {Number}
    * @default 0
    * @private
    var id = 0;

    * "Constructor" of the class. Don't confuse with the at-constructor block
    * @method init
    * @param {String} awesome The initial value of our awesome property
    * @param {Number} id Our value id!
    self.init = function(awesome, id) {
        self.awesome = awesome;
        id = id;
        return self;

    return self.init();

return t;
})(window.Template || {});

Here's the Gist, feel free to grab it/fork it/comment. I also created a Github Project to show more less the way I use it. In practice, though, I usually have an extra module that manages all the dependencies.

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