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origiNell – Design & Solutions

Note that you will need to install Pillow in order to use this script :) (the import Image part that is).

If you already have PIL (the python image library) installed, you are also good to go. Pillow is just a friendly (modern) fork with some bug fixes and easier installation :)

Posted to Learning Python? Use Vim + dotfiles over 1 year ago

You should really give klen's python-mode a try. It's basically a vim plugin which integrates most other plugins to create a nice python IDE.

Posted to vim pasting without making a mess over 1 year ago

don't forget to set this on a key in your .vimrc:

set pastetoggle=<F2>


Thanks @jontas! Didn't know about the second method with different "variable" and "function" names.

For the self-invocation, there is also

!function() {;

and the same without the exclamation mark but with a + instead (have a look at the latest twitter boostrap javascripts - always a good inspiration source)

Extending on @dmedvinsky

if exists('+colorcolumn')
    set colorcolumn=80
    au BufWinEnter * let w:m2=matchadd('ErrorMsg', '\%80v.\+', -1)

will emulate colorcolumn by simply coloring the overflowing characters.

@dpashkevich Hey! Great job :) Pretty short for not using any third party module!

@manveru ah that's a nice one too :)

@design48 glad you like it. I should probably make a protip out of that one :D

If that happens to you frequently, you can (ab)use vim's text expand feature. In your .vimrc:

iab modesl models

and from now on it should automagically correct that.

iab is shortform for iabbrev. There is also autocorrect.vim which aims to build a database full of such things (teh -> the etc.)

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I have something similar to this, but I have it as a git alias (and vimdiff is the default difftool for me). Part of my .gitconfig:

    tool = vimdiff    
    vd = difftool --no-prompt

So I type git vd and it basically does the same. Of course your way is a lot shorter :)

Posted to Time traveling in vim over 1 year ago

@tlehman always glad when I can amaze people with knowledge :D

Posted to Time traveling in vim over 1 year ago

VIM has actually one of the most advanced history systems I know of. If you want to know more about VIM's undo-branches, just head over to the wiki ->

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