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Posted to bash_profile backup over 1 year ago

I think i will like 'fasd'. Didn't get time to explore it a lot but it looks cool from the github page and your protip.

Thanks for sharing.

Posted to installing npm packages on Windows over 1 year ago

Glad to hear that

Posted to TypeScript from Microsoft over 1 year ago

I like TypeScript a lot. I come from C# background and haven't really used JS a lot, just for a few client-side tweaks. I find TypeScript very close to C#.
TS incorporates proposed ES6 changes in JS so if ES6 really adopts all those features, JS will eventually become TS itself. In other words, there may not be any difference in TS and JS after features adoption.

PS - Please correct me if I am wrong.

Posted to Running NodeJs from Visual Studio over 1 year ago

This is an awesome tip. Can we create a Visual Studio template or something that automatically fills out these properties for every new project we create of type node.js (probably with express)?

I tried creating Web Site instead of Web Application, so we can delete all the folders in solution and fire Express <appname> on the root to have only needed files and no extra solution files (not in the app folder at least) and bin and Obj folders.

I am not sure but doing Web Site will also not compile the project into DLL

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