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Posted to jQuery DOM creation tips over 1 year ago

this is very useful, thanks

Posted to How to Become a Better Developer over 1 year ago

this really encourage me as developer , thanks :D

Posted to Homebrew's new feature: Brewfiles over 1 year ago

this is great feature :D thanks

ah great tips, i haven't deploy my laravel project with github, but this really help me if i want to push in github, thankyuu :D

do we really need TDD ? I still can't understand. is there a connection with the continues integration?

Posted to Local Server without Apache [PHP] over 1 year ago

oh sorry for that, i've add it

Posted to Local Server without Apache [PHP] over 1 year ago

yes you're right if the socket started

Wow this is a very helpful CSS plugin I think.
Gonna use it from now in my project

GitHub is the best Git hosting all the time of course. the interface is easy to understand.
But sometimes you want to develop app in private, and GitHub provide private repo
but its paid. And the best way to host your git repo is in Bitbucket or make your own git repo host

Posted to Git Configuration over 1 year ago

thanks for the advicem well you know I'm still learning

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