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Yes, that is true. But onlly in MySQL. Thank you :-)

I would warmly suggest you this page There you can read about all above mentioned topics ;-)

New version 1.8 is out now!

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usefull article. thank you :-)

Hey :-) I am not that so good with JAVA. But a Value Object represents itself a fix set of data and is similar to a Java enum. A Value Object doesn't have any identity, it is entirely identified by its value and is immutable. A real world example would be Color.RED, Color.BLUE, SEX.FEMALE etc.

You can use also a more elegant way. You can tell php unit at the phpunit.xml to convert errors to exceptions.

... convertErrorsToExceptions="true" convertNoticesToExceptions="true" convertWarningsToExceptions="true" ... </code>

read here

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OK. This tip is useful if you develop in a test-driven manner :-)

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